Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Trivial History July 2

Snappy, salivating mad cow on the loose - do not leave your lunch sitting around unattended!
Just as well it's Winter and all wild poultry have flown away...I could eat the arse out of a low-flying duck *sigh*

Nursing Story #11
Shortly before Christmas one year we had an elderly gent admitted to the hospital from a larger public hospital on the other side of the city. Personal details were sparse, beyond his name, address and an address book packed with many belongings that we were never allowed to look inside.
He insisted he owned his own home and had top level private insurance, showing us the relevant proof, so he was settled into a private room.
Trying to contact his next of kin - a son - proved to be difficult as he was away for the holidays and didn't have a mobile.
Or so the patient told us.
During his stay he had a plethora of tests to determine his ailments; seen by the top flight consultants he was prodded, probed, had investigative surgery which corrected a few minor problems, had physio appointments, a 5 star menu - the works.
During (and constantly after) the 2nd day of his admission, admin kept asking us to get more information from him as they were battling with the insurance company over his details.
It was as if he didn't exist.
And, it later turned out, he didn't.
After an admission that was stretched to 7 weeks, which covered the silly season and beyond, he was discharged back to his address.
We thought.
A few weeks later it came to light that he'd been picked up from a boarding-house by the original ambulance and taken to the large public hospital.
The boarding-house was for recently released prisoners and our gent had just finished his term for fraud, his son was still "inside" for the same crime as his father and no-one knew where the chap had disappeared to once he was discharged.
We could only assume he felt like having a decent Christmas and New Year for a change!

1851 The population of Ballarat exploded; not by the horizontal limbo shenanigans but by a shepherd finding the glittery stuff called gold.

(Filed under Original Drama Queen)
A group of girls continually giggled in the audience at a production of The Willow Tree in Sydney's Criterion Theatre in 1918, so much so that the lead actress, Kathleen Macdonnell spat the dummy, threw a mirror into the footlights, ran off stage and fainted into the arms of her manager.

1965 Realising there'd been a long time between drinks, secondary teachers tossed together a strike in Victoria, the first throughout the whole island since 1920. Some would say they've been making up for lost time in recent years....

Oz Slanguage -
Spewin' ! = an exclamation of annoyance or disappointment.

1959 That dreadful movie, Plan 9 From Outer Space, was released. It was so bad the star, Bela Lugosi up and died during filming, only to be replaced by some bloke hiding under a cape.
Yes, it is that bad.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Plant a lemon tree...those suckers cost a packet.

1978 Having a hankering for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, the Oz Govt made the owners - the Clunies-Ross family - an offer they couldn't refuse; accept the offer of $6,250,000 or get nothing under compulsory acquisition. They accepted the cheque.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - The Go-Go's.
Neva Carr-Glynn appeared in several episodes of Skippy.
She also appeared in the Norman Lindsay novel-based 1969 movie Age of Consent with British actor James Mason.
James Mason's son Morgan is married to Belinda Carlisle.
Who was the lead singer of the girl band The Go-Go's.

1993 Sir Ernest Edward "Weary" Dunlop took his final bows as he left the stage of life.

Oz Etty Kit-
Stop talking over the top of other people when they're speaking.
It's just plain RUDE.
As Widdle Shamrock reminded her readers recently - you've got twice as many ears as you have mouths so you can just shut up and listen twice as much to what other people have to say.
Because they probably have something of more interest to impart than some rude, attention seeking, brat who never matured beyond toddler stage.

2001 Finally, proof  that Melbourne is the thinking centre of the universe - or just full of weird notions the rest of the world disproved centuries ago - the wheel was patented.
Now we're just waiting for the Govt to realise transport involves wheels on trains, as well as on cars...

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Pardon, what's that again?


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