Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trivial History July 20

Let's hope we get more rain - then I get out of watering again!
And it might be handy for the scarily empty water storages, too.
So pop outside and do a rain dance.
I'll be the frighting sight in the pink tutu....

1842 Busting out of it's boots, Sydney was a tad larger than a village so they proclaimed it a City.

1848 Earl Grey, the man not the tea bag, was given the nod to be the representative in the NSW Legislative Council for the Colony of Victoria.
Milk and sugar, anyone?

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - William Shatner.
Simon James played Jerry Hammond in The Adventures of Skippy and also appeared in the TV movie Mercy Mission- the Rescue of Flight 771.
Scott Bakula guest starred in Mercy Mission and later appeared in several episodes of Boston Legal.
Which stars William Shatner.

1851 That glittery stuff that makes men slightly mad, gold, was found at Mt Alexander near Castlemaine.
Some still haven't recovered from the rush.

1853 Bushrangers were also slightly mad for gold, as they proved when they bailed up the gold escort from the McIvor gold fields, in Victoria, killing 3 troopers and the driver, then making off with 2,320 oz of gold.

The first fancy-dress ball was held in Sydney, in August of 1844.
Obviously not counting the fancy dress or iron balls the convicts held every day...

1874 Former bushranger Frank Gardiner was kicked out of gaol and the country; he was released on the condition that he take his bat and ball and bugger orf from the Land of Oz, never to darken it's doorstep again. Frank did just that, sailing for China on July 27.

1929 That dignified lady, Hazel Hawke, former wife of ex-PM Hawke, was found in the tulip patch.

Place Name Origins -
Aldinga in South Oz is a puzzle - no one can agree on it's origins or meaning.
But it did have the first official nude beach in Oz, if that helps at all....

1953 Marcia, Marcia. Marcia, it's always Marcia...Hines, that is. The adopted Aussie singer was delivered by the stork on this day.

Oz Slanguage -
To feed the chooks = usually said of a politician facing a large mob of reporters and scattering out scraps of information to the hoards.


  1. We had three months of rain in one week last week. And just when the lawn was becoming that nice shade of brown that meant an end to the mowing season. Damn.

  2. Hi Jane
    Thought I would pop by and say hello and see what SezWho looks like in Blogger :-)

  3. The Spouse loves that shade of brown, too, Evyl. Must be a boy thing lol.

    Hi Sue, I'm still learning the bits 'n' bobs of it ;)

  4. Its really really trying to rain here - just enough to disuade us from mowing the lawn which has avoided that for a few too many weeks!

  5. One degree of separation: Skippy - William Shatner. Neither of them can act.

  6. Pretty much the same here Jeanie. If the sky was a person it would have blown it's blood pressure from trying by now ;)

    Now, now, Brian.
    With a bit of peanut butter and a stick William Shatner can almost look as real as the stuffed roo they used in Skippy :P

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