Monday, July 21, 2008

Trivial History July 21

I'm awake....I think!
I have a cackling in my ears from much giggling and laughter that lasted 5 hours.
High jinks were had without even stepping out the front door.
And it only involved a little bit medium bit smallish big half smidgeon of smut!
Edit* I've found the best way to really wake up properly is to trawl YouTube for favs like The Whitlams, Hoodoo Gurus, Icehouse, Split Enz, etc and PLAY THEM REALLY, REALLY LOOOOUUUUD! 
But can someone please upload Hayride to Hell from the Hoodoo Gurus, pretty please?
Oh and the Doctor Who tribute vids by Babelcolour totally kick start the grey matter!

Nursing Story # some-number-that-comes-after-20
One old girl we'd visit on District Nursing literally lived in a tin shed; an overly large corrugated iron garage was the only thing left after her house partially burnt down and, with nowhere else to go, she moved in.
She wasn't young when she was left homeless and after a few years in the shed the neighbours noticed some odd mannerisms developing.
They kept an eye on her, alerting the GP when needed, shopping and cleaning for her - in short they were like an extended family that enabled her to stay in her own familiar surroundings.
One odd mannerism was the regression in some things to that of an earlier age and, with no water connected to the shed, the old girl started using the old night soil outhouse again - complete with flap door at the back for the night cart man to remove the pan.
Trouble was there was no night cart man any longer and trying to organise other toilet facilities only agitated and upset the woman, not to mention that she had no money for paying her council rates and certainly none for plumbing work.
So, with Summer ripening the odour in the area the neighbours drew up a roster system to empty the night cart pan, dubbing it Dunny Duty.
At least they enjoyed the 2 bottles of beer the old girl left out each week for the "night cart man" ! 

1859 The men of Melbourne were getting hot and bothered so they established the very first Melbourne Fire Brigade.

Place Name Origins-
Alexandra in Victoria was first baptised Red Gate Diggings.
Why? Dunno.But it's better than X marks the spot.

But then it was re-christened Alexandra after (take your pick) either Princess Alexandra who was the missus of King Edward VII or Alexander McGregor, Alexander Don and Alexander Luckie who lived up to the last gentleman's name and got lucky with the gold what they found there in 1866.

1898 Sydney opened Queen Victoria...Markets.
You just by-passed the gutter straight into the sewer then.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Rick Springfield.
Fiona Shannon appeared in The Adventures of Skippy and later in the TV series High Tide.
Which starred Rick Springfield.

1951 The All Blacks tackled the Wallabies and spanked their bottoms into second place for the Test Series.

Oz Slanguage-
Dog's disease = WW2 slang for malaria and rhyming slang for cheese.


  1. Oh, so we really don't need to know HOW good an evening was had, just that you had one!

    When I started school, our toilets were thunderboxes, and the dunny man would come and dispense - what a job. And what great neighbours.

  2. so glad you are awake, cos I'm not sure I am! lmao

    I'm going here you in my head making that little growly RRrrrrrRRR everytime I look at a HHT post now!! LOLOL

  3. You don't have the six degrees of separation that we discussed !!! lol.

    5 hours !!!! That was a record.

  4. It was a proper giggle-fest, Jeanie lol ;)

    LMAO Bettina!
    Some of those potential HHT are growl-worthy ;)

  5. No, strange that, WS lol :P
    It's a record of some type, the word "mad" springs to mind LOL ;)

  6. Growly Rrrrrr sound?? Hopefully WS has it down pat by the time she comes home so that she can demonstrate! LOL

    Glad to hear you had a great time without leaving the house - sound like a great Stay-cation :)

  7. Some people will go through a lot of shit for a couple of beers.

  8. "And it only involved a smidgeon of smut!"

    You've been watching reruns of the Benny Hill show?

  9. It was, Kelly, totally fun!

    It's amazing what fermented hops makes a person do, Evyl :P

    Yakkity Sax was on repeat, with the creepy neighbour standing in for Benny Hill , Brian...and the odd pic of Becks and David Ten Inch... err,Tennant gracing the screens :P

  10. These keep-awakeners...they weren't pilgrims were they?

  11. No Reuben, lol, they were more like Irish pixies and elves ;)