Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trivial History July 22

 I blame Lightening for it ; after slurping up cabbage soup, vegie soup and enough fruit to sink a Blue Whale for the past I-can't-remember-since-I-had-a-steak (and FB asking if I wasn't really a farting Slitheen), I wandered about with visions of hot buttered Vegemite toast dancing in my head after reading her post yesterday.
So I gave in.
I ate hot buttered toast with Vegemite.
4 pieces of hot buttered toast with Vegemite.
But I gave the crusts to my dogs, so that counts..... doesn't it?

Nursing Story # I've-run-out-of-fingers-and-toes-to-count-on
I used to volunteer to work Christmas Day every year, as do a lot of nurses; apart from the penalty rates it's a damn good way of avoiding family get-togethers.
One year we'd split the shifts into more frequent but smaller lengths so the work load was evened out but a couple of us worked both in the morning and the evening, singing carols, joking, hanging mistletoe from our ears and being our usual cheerful selves.
Whilst scoffing down the scrumptious roast dinner with all the trimmings the kitchen staff had left for us ( followed by yummy Christmas pudd with custard, tiramisu, iced yo-yo bikkies, shortbread, ginger kisses and every other sweet goodie under the sun) and wearing our paper hats from the crackers, a patient's family brought their mother/grandmother back from having the day out.
As we were settling her into bed we naturally asked how her day had been.
"Oh ! Awful! I can't stand those family gatherings, they fuss so much!
I'd have much rather had spent the day with you girls."
The patient was a former nurse and, yes, she'd often worked the main holidays, too.

 1870 South Oz realised that running the cook's bloomers up the flagpole every day was making the poor woman go commando in the kitchen so they adopted the State Flag, instead.

1880 Peter Lalor, the former leader of The Eureka Stockade Rebellion, became the 4th Speaker of the Victorian Legislative Assembly. Pete learnt that to beat the bastards at their own game, you had to join them.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy -Elvis.
Moya O'Sullivan appeared in The Adventures of Skippy and, later, the movie Two Hands.
Two Hands starred the late Heath Ledger, who also starred in Brokeback Mountain.
Randy Quaid appeared in Brokeback Mountain and also in a TV movie based on, and titled, Elvis.

1880 Patrons of Sydney's Royal Victoria Theatre in Pitt Street were forced to duck dive into a tub of yoghurt for their serving of culture when the theatre got a little toasty as it went up in flames.

1917 Four Australian Army Nursing Service nurses, Sister Deacon, Sister Ross-Smith, Sister Cawood and Staff Nurse Derrer, were the first Aussie nurses to win bravery awards when they were awarded the well-deserved Military Medal for rescuing patients trapped in a burning Casualty Clearing Station at Trois Arbes, France.

Oz Slanguage-
Wet enough to bog a duck = description of extremely wet weather.

1925 Carrier pigeons were back on the menu when a regular as prunes airmail service took flight between Sydney and Melbourne.
1938 The Australian National War Memorial was opened at Villers-Bretonneux,; it lists the names of over 11,000 Aussie soldiers who were reported as missing during the fighting at Villers-Bretonneux in WW1.

The saying "as happy as Larry" refers to the successful, undefeated Aussie boxer Larry Foley, who collected £1,000 on his final fight, which would have indeed made him happy!

1947 Charlotte Pass, in NSW, was giving the world a cold shoulder and long john salesmen a roaring trade when temperatures plunged to -13 degrees Celcius.

1968 Bones found at Lake Mungo, in NSW, weren't old soup bones but those of an aborigine who'd walked this land more than 25,000 years before we were even thought about.

Place Name origins-
Alexandria in NSW was unequivocally named after, not a lost city that Indiana Jones was searching for, but the sheila what got hitched to King Edward VII.

1983 Dick Smith was a clever little dicky bird in his whirly-gig as he completed the first solo flight around the world in a helicopter.

Bitchy Blisterings-
An epitaph on a gravestone in the Parramatta cemetery, dated in the 1820's -
Ye who wish to lie here
Drink Squire's beer.


  1. I love the nursing story.

    It's so true. Sometimes friends and coworkers can seem more like family than our family.

  2. "Ye who wish to lie here
    Drink Squire's beer."

    I have a choice of two epitaphs for my own gravestone, the first being 'Please Cancel the Milk' and the second being, 'Key under the mat'.

    Jack Lemmon's epitaph has to be the best though. It reads simply: "Jack Lemmon In..."

  3. Absolutely, Dina!
    With all the best bits and none of the headaches ;)

  4. LOL Brian.
    I like Spike Milligan's -
    "I told you I was sick!"

  5. Just curious Jayne. Do old retired nurses and or doctors make good or bad patients?

  6. 6 of one and half dozen of the other, Andrew lol.
    Some have been right royal pains in the arse while others have been the ideal patient to nurse lol.
    But we love nursing former doctors *insert evil laugh*

  7. Loved your slangage as always. Around here one of those type of rains would be called 'a real turd floater.'

  8. mmmmmm toast...... vegemite...... nom nom nom........ Your nursing stories are so great!

  9. LOL Thanks Evyl and Bettina ;)