Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trivial History July 23

Ahhh, there's been a consensus that the clues make the Tuesday challenge too easy -so you've got a bonus...

Hint for this one is- 
  • It's not used often these days.

Nursing Story # ?
We had a number of former nurses as patients and while this could be a hindrance when they were after strong sedatives, at times this was also an unexpected boon.
One weekend evening I was on shift with less staff than we'd prefer and a full house - all the beds were full.
A restless chap had been admitted that morning and was still having tests to determine the exact nature of his problem and we were run off our feet trying to sort and settle patients with less staff.
After the agency nurse settled this chap for the umpteenth time, one of the ex-nurses came in and sat with him, completely unasked.
We'd gone without our meal break as we were so snowed under and were grabbing a quick cuppa when the ex-nurse came up and rattled off,
"He's become cynosed, little urinary output, stomach has become distended, respiratory difficulty, coffee grounds observed in basin and extremely agitated. Contact the doctor, he'll need a MICA ambulance to transfer him to a major hospital for surgery as he's most probably got a obstructed bowel,"
I raced off and followed her suggestions, the GP was there inside 5 mins, agreed with the diagnosis and the chap was transferred and operated on that night.
That wasn't the last time a psych patient saved another patient's bacon.

1802 The Colony of NSW was divided , not over football codes, but into 2 parishes; St. Phillip's in Sydney and St. John's in Parramatta.

Bitchy Blisterings.
From the pen of that Anon chappy again -
For six days long they lie and cheat,
And on the seventh at church they meet
To render to the Lord their God
A threepenny bit, with a holy nod;
And then they part with an unctuous smile
And a prayer to prosper the next week's guile.

1851 Amelia Bloomer, in USA, stopped going commando and began wearing the loose fitting trousers that took her name.

Place Name Origins-
Alfred Cove in Westralia was, unimaginatively, named after the bloke who was granted the original bush block, Alfred Waylen.  

1909 Politics can be a bit of a rough trade as Sir Frederick Holder, Federal pollie and first Speaker of the House of Reps found out; after an all night unruly and stormy session of Parliament he suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and popped his clogs in the Victorian Parliament House.

The site where the English flag first fluttered at Sydney Cove in 1788 was finally determined in 1964...176 years later.
It's in Loftus St, near Circular Quay.
1962 Our Dawnie - Dawn Fraser- became the first woman to swim like a fish and complete the 100 metres in under 1 minute.

Oz Slanguage-
Bee's dick = a measurement of very small proportions.


  1. I love that nursing story.

    And it must have felt good for that patient--knowing she could help out/contribute in some way.

    Everyone needs to feel needed.

  2. It looks like a wool bobbin or whatever they call it where you spin the sheep hair onto something.

    Your nurse story was great.

  3. It looks to me like a leather awl (oh, and a red ruler)!

    The nursing story was excellent. Just because one needs psych care does not mean one cannot contribute to care, hey?

  4. I do not know the exact name of the item but it appears to be a device for putting gunpowder into a muzzle loaded weapon.

    And I love the slangage for the day.

  5. I would say spindle too but I iz a bit late. Great story - she really knew her stuff despite any other difficulties. Maybe just being there brought it back to her.

  6. I know, I know...and without the clues as well. It's a parrot's wooden leg!

  7. Exactly, Dina.

    Nope, try again, and thanks, Colin ;)

    Yep, Jeanie.Nice guess but not an awl.

    Nothing explosive, Evyl. Bee's dick is a personal fav of mine, too, Evyl lol.

    Sorry, not a spindle, J and LiD.

    The parrot that might have used it wouldn't have listed to starboard, Brian.
    There's another hint for you all!

  8. It's a lucky guess, it is an old ship whistle.

  9. level for surveying.. hangs straight down on a string

  10. Is it used for sexual pleasure? It looks it.