Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trivial History July 24

OK it's official.
I'm jealous of FB's new lawn bowls friend.
She's Welsh (and an adult so I can be greeny-eyed without you all thinking I'm being petty over a school girl) and her house was the one they used to film as Donna's house in the current Doctor Who series.
Yes, she has photos to prove it.
She has photos of David Ten Inch Tennant with his arm around her inside her home.Outside her home.On the street. Leaning against her front door.You get the picture...coz this Cardiff chick certainly got 'em!
Catherine Tate was in the pics too but she's not as gorgeous as that lanky Scot.
She's got stacks of behind the scenes pics, too, but they didn't all feature David.

Nursing Story # something-
You've probably all heard the nursing jokes about the student nurse who had a patient on strict bed rest so she/he put the whole commode on top of the bed and tried to balance the patient on it like circus act ; most nurses know someone or other who've done something silly like that in real life.
What we came across in the country hospital with a group of 3rd yr student nurses made us seriously worry, though.
After all the strict lectures on infection control, on cross-contamination, on needle stick injuries, communicable diseases, etc, 1 group of nursing students were given the really hard task (note my sarcasm!) of taking a number of patient's Blood Sugar Levels (BSL's), which involved pricking the end of the finger/thumb with a lancet to get a drop of blood on the strip to insert in the Glucometer and get a reading.
Normal procedure is to dispose of the lancet in the sharps bin after a single use.
But these bright sparks wanted to know how painful the lancet was on their own fingers so they decided to save the hospital some dosh by re-using the patient's lancets on each other!
Not only did they get the shyte ripped through them by the Nurse Unit Manager, the DON, their student nurse co-ordinator, the resident doctors and the rest of the staff, they then had to have blood tests to determine their HIV and Hep status, repeated after 6 weeks and then 3 months.
Which the hospital had to pay for, saving no money at all but instead costing a tidy sum and giving themselves nightmares in the long run.
*They were all clear but they were bloody lucky.

1793 The very first brand spankers ocean going boat that managed to float and was knocked together out the back shed in the new colony was launched into the drink. It was dubbed Francis.
Pfft, David would have been a better name...

The first known photograph (as opposed to the ones we don't know about hidden under your bed) taken in Australia was that of a Sydney scene in 1841.

1793 While in England Captain Arthur Phillip heard of this Doctor Who character and wanted to travel in the Tardis wasn't a well boy and so he officially resigned as Guv'na of NSW and didn't hang around on this mortal coil for much time afterwards.

Place name origin-
Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, was named to honour the missus of Charles Todd who was supervising the Overland Telegraph construction. Being away for so long he had to keep in sweet with She Who Must Be Obeyed.

1872 Captain Moonlite got a big slap on the wrist when he was tried at Ballarat and found under the advertised weight guilty for the Mt Egerton robbery for which he was awarded 11 yrs in the Big Brother house gaol.

Oz Slanguage-
Jelly = gelignite.

1936 Sydney's GPO introduced the "talking clock" service which replaced the bored out of her tiny brains gal who'd park her posterior in a room all day waiting for phone calls to ask what the blinkin' time was.

Bitchy Blisterings-
Seen in the Williamstown Cemetery, Victoria-
Beneath this stone Sam Bodin lies;
No one laughs and no one cries.
Where he's gone, and how he fares,
No one knows and no one cares.

1997 Premier Jeff Kennett opened his new gaudily wrapped pressie for the State of Victoria - the $65 million Sports and Aquatic Centre at Albert Park.
Awww, Jeff, you shouldn't have...
No, really, you shouldn't have!

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Angelina Jolie.
Joss McWilliam appeared as Ranger Dave in The Adventure of Skippy and also appeared in the tele-movie A Thousand Skies with John Walton.
John Walton also appeared in the great Aussie romantic comedy movie Spotswood which starred Anthony Hopkins.
Anthony Hopkins recently lent his voice to the CGI movie Beowulf.
Which also featured the voice of Angelina Jolie.


  1. I will remember that nursing story. Then whenever I make a dumb mistake, I'll not think feel so bad. At least I wasn't as dumb as those nursing students.

    Well, at least I hope!

    Have you read the book about Alice Springs. It's called The Singing Line. It's written by the grandchild or great-grandchild of the town's namesake.

  2. I've heard of it Dina but I haven't read it. I've got a few others on Alice Springs.
    I don't think anyone could be as silly as those students!

  3. WHAT???

    David Tennant in her HOUSE??

    No wonder you're jealous.

    Just hoping you didn't get TOO narky about her cuddling your man. Never good to show that you're insecure :P

  4. ah David......... did you rip her throat out?

    As for those nursing students all I can say is..... those bloody idiots!

  5. LOL Naomi.

    No Bettina, she's quite nice so there's no hope of stuffing her body in the vegie patch :P
    Yep, brains weren't engaged for any of them that day.

  6. Don't get too jealous, Jayne. She lives in bloody Cardiff for God's sake.

  7. Jayne, I just checked, My Computer/Andrew/1Temp/Celebs/Tennant and as I thought, I have a naked picture of him. He is adequate without being impressive.

  8. Thanks Brian but for the next few years she's living not far from me with her pictures lol.

    Ahhh I was looking for that pic online the other night, Andrew, but it seems to have been removed!

  9. I am having to go through the rounds of those blood tests as a crackheaded inmate spit in my face. So I don't know why anyone would put themselves through it because of carelessness.