Friday, July 25, 2008

Trivial History July 25

Merry Xmas to those celebrating Xmas in July.
To those who aren't, wash your face and get to work!

Nursing Story # pick-one-yourself-
At the country hospital we had scores of elderly who'd been institutionalised from a young age. Collating the many old, original histories onto floppy discs took months and made most of our hair curl in horror and disgust in the reading.
Some were kept on the family farm to help out with the work for as long as possible, some were forced into the home at an early age, most were admitted by parents or family doing as their doctor told them to do, as doctors were then up on pedestals and could never be thought wrong.
And the words that we kept reading for all these diagnosis' were the same - Congenital Mental Retardation.
Epileptic ? Nooooooooo, Congenital Mental Retardation.
Concussion from a fall off a horse? Nooooooooo Congenital Mental Retardation.
Club foot or a dicky hip or scoliosis of the spine? Don't be silly! Congenital Mental Retardation, my good man!
Down's Syndrome? Congenital Mental Retardation. 
Recurring migraines? Ricketts? Food sensitivity?

Congenital Mental Retardation! 
Actually we weren't even surprised to find that the lazy bastards had had stamps made to stamp, in red ink "Congenital Mental Retardation" across the histories.Over an approximate 20-25 year period the 2 doctors working there diagnosed and admitted so many children with C.M.R that they had to build new wings on the hospital and hostels in the grounds to accommodate them with the growing general senile population.

The crime of these doctors was to inform the family that the children weren't able to be treated and would gain nothing from attending school; some kept at home were locked in a room or shed when having epileptic seizures to bang their head and make the diagnosis of brain damage come true, others were housed with senile patients only to learn that type of behaviour and garbled language for the rest of their lives.
The crime of the families and the nurses at the time was far greater in our eyes - to never question the diagnosis or to try to help these children.

1795 James Squire was an enterprising chappy; when he was given 30 acres at Eastern Farms - now known as Ryde - he worked long and hard and then built a brewery.
Gotta love a bloke with forward thinking.

Bitchy Blisterings-
John Norton shared his thoughts on Winston Churchill -
...a witless wild ass...a bulgy-eyed, frothy-mouthed, loose-tongued, leather-lunged, British-Yankee half-breed...a demi-demented decadent...the blatent, mad-brained bounder...this sibilating shyster.
*I do wish Norton hadn't beat around the bush and had just come out and tell us how he really felt! 

1914 The housewives in Adelaide and Melbourne gave the operators something to gossip about when the telephone line was connected to those 2 cities.

Oz Slanguage-
Tucker = food
Tucker chute = mouth.

1924 The Federal Aussie Govt passed a Bill with their Metamucil to make voting in Federal Elections compulsory, adding a £2 fine for those who didn't have a note from their mother excusing them from voting.
Only they'd find a way to ruin a good Saturday and make us pay for it!

Place Name Origin-
Allambee in Victoria is in dairy country of Gippsland; a nice place according to the locals and the name comes from the original locals, being an Aboriginal word meaning "a quiet and restful place".

1942 The first of 3 Japanese air attacks on Townsville occurred today.

The infamous Cross in Sydney, being King's Cross was originally known as Queen's Cross from 1897 - 1905.

1994 Phone numbers were in short supply so the Powers That Be started converting them to 8 digit numbers by inserting a 9 at the beginning.
Coz after 10 they're pretty stuffed for counting...unless they remove their shoes.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Stephen King.
Tania Martin appeared in 8 episodes of The Adventures of Skippy and then appeared in the tele-movie Trapped in Space.
Sigrid Thornton also appeared in Trapped In Space then later appeared in the mini-series Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King.
Written by Stephen King.


  1. The nursing story reminds me of this really sad story I read.

    I can't tell it without crying. But maybe I can write it.

    In the story, this woman is pregnant with a child who has Down syndrome. The doctors tell her it's hopeless, he'll have to be institutionalized, etc.

    She has an abortion. Years later, she's out and about. Maybe at the grocery store. She sees a mother with her child who has Down Syndrome. The child is happy, can talk, etc.

    The woman who had an abortion is shocked because she never knew that all of this was a possibility for her child.

    The story wasn't pushing pro-life. It was more about people making decisions based on accurate information and not ignorant opinions.

    One might say it's the woman's fault because she should have done her own research. But many people put incredible amounts of faith into their doctor.

  2. I read things like this and am shocked and then I remember my own encounter with an idiot doctor while preggers with TJ. He wanted to discuss my 'options' with me because there was a one in a 1000 chance TJ could be born with spina bifida *rolls eyes*

    And he wondered why I didn't make many of my ante natal appointments........

  3. Hi, I really enjoy your site, I would love to add you onto my blogroll, if you don't mind. I love all your trivia.

  4. I know of some who were still being told to abort the child into the mid-1990's, Dina, coz scans showed Down's Syndrome. Thankfully they chose not to, but there was a lot of pressure on them.

    There's a weird sub-culture in some medical circles, Bettina, and I don't like it myself.

    Hi History Lover, thanks!
    I was going to email you and ask if I could add you to my blog roll, too LOL.
    Go for it and thanks ! :)

  5. James Squire make a few ales I admire. Yum. They still use elderly yeast too I hear or something related to the original brew.

    On the nursing story - it makes me see red. Poor people and all by the same two neglectful and arrogant doctors.

  6. One Degree of Separation Skippy - Stephen King. Neither of them can write.

  7. Aye, he isn't too bad with some hops, yeast and a mixing bowl, LiD lol ;)

    Aww, Brian, you haven't lived till you've seen a roo penning florid prose :P

  8. Oh dear! That CMR dragged me down a bit.

    Never mind, Skippy was there to cheer me up.

    Best wishes