Saturday, July 26, 2008

Trivial History July 26

It's Saturday!
Spelled backwards it's Yadrutas!
Because you needed to know that.

 Nursing Story # ???
One of the kids labelled with Congenital Mental Retardation had an interesting history.
She was the 3rd youngest of a very large family, which was assisted with by a private nanny/governess.
On the governess's day off, this child, aged 7-ish, had been ill so her over-worked mother thought to give her some Bi Carb of Soda to settle her stomach.
Except she mistook one bottle for another and administered Carbolic Acid.
The result was that the child's larynx was badly burned and thickly scarred which pushed her tongue up to protrude from her mouth. Yep, then she was labelled with C.M.R. Go figure.
Anyway this girl grew up without any schooling apart from what she taught herself, always kept closely tied to her mother's apron strings (probably through love and guilt) until both mother and grown daughter had to go into assisted care.
Well, then she totally bloomed! While her mother was getting slower in movement, this 50-something woman discovered a whole new world - taught to manage money she went shopping on her own, developed a love for pop music, found she had a talent for writing short stories for which she won numerous small awards, charity work and fund-raising for which she also was awarded numerous certificates and acknowledgments (including a Commendation Certificate from QEII), and the most wicked sense of humour!
She was an absolute delight to nurse, refusing help, even when she became wheelchair bound, and doing things in her own determined way but also quick to help those around her, seeking us out to share her magazines, gossip, latest record or, later, CD. When she bought her own CD player she set it up herself, wired in the amp and speakers herself (she recycled her old record player speakers so she had surround sound before anyone had even heard the term). Then she waited....
One of her favourite male nurses was back on shift after his honeymoon and during handover the next morning, at 5.30am, his favourite musical number let rip throughout the whole facility, waking everyone and the dead, while she cackled and giggled fit to bust a valve.
"Seventy-six trombones led the big parade...." 

1803 In what is now south London the world's first public railway, the Surrey Iron Railway, started rattling the plateway as the horses plodded along a tramroad bringing the wagons piled with goods behind.

The Bunyip ,  a water-dwelling monster of Aboriginal legend, was reportedly first seen by a white man - Hamilton Hume - in Lake Bathurst in 1821.

1865 Aussie Governors decided to shift the capital of New Zealand from Auckland to Wellington, mainly due to the rough sea voyage for the South Island members of Parliament.
Awwww, poor pollies puking in their Parliament passage period.

Place Name Origins-
Allambie Heights in NSW, formerly the Allambie Estate that was flogged off at auction in 1918, was named for an Aboriginal word meaning "a peaceful place".

1879 Westralia finally climbed on board when the first public railway line in the state opened between Geraldton and Northampton.

Oz Slanguage-
Strain the spuds = usually muttered by a desperate male looking for a spare tree to urinate behind.
1903 The canny Quong Tart, who blessed Sydney with his many wonderful tea rooms, passed away. Learn more about this intriguing gentleman HERE.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Pet Shop Boys (and David Tennant).
David Campbell appeared in a whole 7 episodes of The Adventures of Skippy, then in 1 episode of Neighbours.
Chris Lowe, from the Pet Shop Boys had a guest appearance in Neighbours in 1995.
*And taking it a step further, Neil Tennant of The Pet Shop Boys was the inspiration for David Tennant's choice of stage name. 

1942 Darwin was bombed, again, by Japanese aircraft; a total of 64 times it was hit during WW2.

Aussie Love of Pubs -
Albion Alley, Melbourne, was named after The Albion Hotel. Situated in Bourke St this pub was also the terminus of the Cobb & Co. coaches.


  1. Like that phrase, 'strain the spud'. I usually just call it draining the lizard.

  2. LOL Evyl.
    I've heard variations on your phrase lol ;)