Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trivial History July 27

She Who Must Be Obeyed, Tara, had her (veterinary) surgery on Thursday after a muck up with her blood tests on Wednesday. A large incision needing 6 stitches later, several teeth removed, the (few) remaining teeth cleaned to a Mrs Marsh gleam and her nails clipped have left her a very sore old lady who is refusing to let The Spouse out of her (blurry) sight.
Yes, the umbilical cord has reattached itself!

Speaking of fantabulous She Who Must Be Obeyed, go over and say Hi to the shoe-lovin' mother of The Awesome Boo, Kelley, at Magneto Bold Too. 

1836 The not-very-PC early settlers of South Oz arrived on Kangaroo Island with the South Oz Company Whaling Expedition.
Thar she blows...?

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Tom Hanks.
Kate Crosby appeared in 6 episodes of The Adventures of Skippy, then later appeared in the movie City Loop.
Ryan Johnson appeared in City Loop and then in 1 episode of CSI:NY, which stars Gary Sinise.
Gary Sinise had guest starred in the 1994 movie Forest Gump.
Which starred Tom Hanks.

1893 Larry Petrie was feeling a tad jaded that the non-union ship, the SS Aramac, was in dock at Moreton Bay, so he popped along to blow it up.

Oz Slanguage-
Pull out yer Onkaparinga and shift yer Khyber Pass to 'ave a butcher's hook at the mystery bag on the barbie =
Pull your finger out and shift your arse to have a look at the sausage on the BBQ.

1897 During the depression more fortunate people began slipping a little extra food into boxes that were then left on the back doorsteps of those in dire straits but who thought asking for help was akin to begging.

Place Name Origins-
Residents of Allawah in NSW have been obedient little poppets as the name comes from an Aboriginal word meaning "remain here".
So they have! 

1942 The women rolled up their sleeves and got down and dirty in the formation of the Australian Women's Land Army.

The oldest existing town hall in Oz is down the coast at Geelong, Victoria, with a foundation stone laid in 1855. The oldest site for a town hall was at Parramatta, NSW, which was picked out of the fine array of choice by Guv Phillip in 1792.

1953 The cease fire was signed in Korea, bringing the fighting to a welcome end.

Aussie Love of Pubs-
Caledonain Lane, Melbourne, was named after the Caledonian Hotel, which once stood near the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale Sts. Ironically it's original owner would have been spinning in his grave during this time as it was built as a private 13-roomed house in 1839 by the Presbyterian minister J.P Clow.

1953 That passionate actor, director, writer and composer, Yahoo Serious, was pupped in NSW. Explore his website HERE.

1963 NZ aviation pioneer, George Bolt, who took NZ's first aerial photos and delivered the first airmail for NZ, flew off this mortal coil.

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  1. I like the story about the depression.
    Very thoughtful.

    I like Yahoo Serious's flag idea.

    How do you feel about Australia becoming a Republic and/or a new flag?

  2. Hi! Alas, my dog has just come back from having his whatnots removed. Mind you, he did have his nails done shortly afterwards, which should have made him feel slightly better. Now he just lays around the house, lost for.....words or was that balls.

    Take Care,

  3. "The women rolled up their sleeves and got down and dirty in the formation of the Australian Women's Land Army."

    Women getting down and dirty in the fields...sounds like an archaeologist's dream. What? What did I say? I only meant that we need all the help we can get...

  4. I think it's time we became a republic, Dina ;)

    LOL Peter.
    Aww poor pooch ;)

    Yes, Brian, you definitely need all the help you can get :P

  5. This little mouse country should become a republic?

    What for?

    It's annoying enough to endure the slow loading of this blog, but then to see this twaddle?

  6. Robert-my-dear, I'm sorry about the slow page loading but it's non-union labour so what can you expect...? :P

  7. I was only kidding.

    Best blog. My favourite.

    (Union labour is slower)