Monday, July 28, 2008

Trivial History July 28

Well, the bois next door had lattice attached to the top of the paling fences on both sides of their property a few months ago so I've planted 2 chokos under the lattice on our side this week to give them more privacy.
Which will please some of you no end when I have a glut of tasteless green vegies on offer!

Nursing Story # Umpteen-
One facility I worked at had a patient who was slightly intellectually disabled through the circumstances of his bloodline. 
Let's just say "kissin' cousins" was a more distant relationship than that enjoyed by his parents.
This chap was a bit of a contrary bugger, just for sheer enjoyment, and would cause the most ruckus whenever it was time for his shower, to be dressed, to be fed; you name it and he turned it into a circus.
One day, when he'd suspiciously let the routine run smoothly, we found him in the middle of the day room trying to strangle his trouser snake.
And he was brutally trying to kill the damn thing as it had already turned puce in colour.
Calling the on-call doctor to try and sort it out, our favourite medicine man arrived, took one look and said within the patient's hearing,
"I can't do anything. Wait till it drops off then call me back,"
Then he walked out.
The patient let go immediately.

1864 Poet, horseman extraordinaire and he of few butterflies in the stomach, Adam Lindsay Gordon, made his famous horseback leap over the fence at the very edge of the Blue Lake at Mt Gambier in South Oz.

The first port on the Oz far northern coast was Port Essington but two attempts at establishing it -  in 1824 and 1838 - failed dismally and they finally called it quits in 1849.

1893 The third massive petition in as many years, for women's right to vote, was presented to the NZ Govt.
This time, though, their roar was heard and NZ became the first self-governing country in the whole world to see sense and give women the right to vote in Parliamentary elections.

Place Name origin-
Allenby Gardens in South Oz was christened in 1921 by the bloke who chopped up the area into suburbs and streets - Mr Wright - who named it after Field Marshall Lord Edmund Allenby who was, when he was home, the first Viscount Commander-in-Chief of the Palestine Campaign in WW1.

1899 Florence Broadhurst, brilliantly imaginative designer, businesswoman and the original woman who kept reinventing herself was born. Keeping everyone guessing throughout her life, the mystery of her death by murder has never been solved. Try to see the great movie bio Unfolding Florence.

Oz Slanguage-
Gunna = someone forever saying "I'm gunna do this and I'm gunna do that" but actually does very little but sits on his spreading backside whilst stirring others online.
*waves to the guilty party* 
Yes, I can see you!

1902 Wonderful Aussie Aboriginal artist, Albert Namatjira, was born.

1909 Those new fandangled motor car contraptions were first used as a taxi service in Sydney.

1942 Townsville was bombed, one of 4 times, during WW2.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Brook Shields.
Andrew Booth appeared in The Adventures of Skippy and the 1989 movie, starring Kylie Minogue, The Delinquents.
Starring beside Kylie was Charlie Schlatter who also appeared in the movie White Rush alongside Judd Nelson.
Judd Nelson had a recurring character in the TV series Suddenly Susan.
Which starred Brook Shields.

1978 *sob* The last passenger trains rolled to a final halt in Tassie.

1995 The Victorian Govt signed an agreement with Transurban for the construction of City Link tollways to the tune of $1.7 billion.
To think of all the rail track-ways that could have been laid with that dosh brings a tear to my eye...


  1. Loved that nursing story!!

    Yay women of NZ.

  2. I did not know that NZ was the first to allow women the vote. Good job for NZ.

  3. oh that nursing story made me giggle. Thanks for stopping buy and leaving a comment on my blog. I obv grew up on Kate Sheppard and her role in gaining NZ woman the vote.

  4. Thanks Jeanie :)

    Yep, NZ led the whole world, with South Australia right behind, Evyl ;)

    Thanks Angel Gurl, I enjoy reading your blog :)
    Kate Shepherd, and other women, had to work bloody hard against the social attitudes of the day!

  5. lol @ he killing the trouser snake!!

  6. Bettina, I swear it was bringing tears to my eyes!