Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trivial History July 3

Wind Warning!!!
Cabbage soup in copious amounts will see gale force winds ripping through several suburbs of Melbourne.
Stay indoors!

Nursing Story #12
One afternoon we accepted an admission from a large public hospital of an elderly Italian lady who'd suffered a severe stroke but it took several hours for them to stabilise her and transport her, with the paramedics informing us that she wasn't expected to live through the night.
Making her as comfortable as possible, we spoke to her children who asked for a priest to administer the Last Rites.
Our usual local priest was away  - this was mid-week - and we had to call further afield, finding a priest with a rude phone manner several suburbs away.
We were in the midst of changing the patient's bedding when the priest stormed in, flung open the curtains surrounding her bed, babbled the Last Rites in the general direction of the bed and disappeared again - all within 3 minutes.
We were gobsmacked, the family (who'd been waiting outside the closed curtains) were horrified and our charge sister was incensed. She phoned the priest and let him have it with both barrels.
The patient survived and some weeks later verbalised that she'd like to receive communion the following Sunday. Ringing ahead to book it, we were told our local priest would be away but he'd pass the message on to the chap replacing him.
In walked the rude priest - the patient took one look at him, spat and in her stroke-affected speech said ,
"Get out you pig. You had no time for me when I was dying and I don't have time for you now I'm better,".
Thankfully we never had to cross paths with that man again!

1872 The first child born to English settlers in Sullivan Bay (now Sorrento) Victoria, William Thorne, went off into the sunset at the grand old age of 68.

Trooper Rolfe, a returned WW1 soldier, had such sensitive skin after being gassed in the war that it burned in even the coldest of weather.
So a doctor at Randwick Hospital, NSW, designed a special zinc-lined bath filled with luke warm water for Trooper Rolfe to live in.

1928 John Logie Baird, having been hiding from his nagging wife and tinkering with his tools out in the back shed, presented his first colour TV transmission in London.
And we only had to wait 47 years in Oz before we got to see what all the fuss about full colour TV really was....

Oz Slanguage -
On a sticky wicket = to describe someone who is in trouble.Usually with the missus after a night on the turps.

1947 Sweeties galore! Sugar rationing ended in Oz and the dentists rubbed their hands with glee!

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Invest in a push bike; petrol prices defy gravity and never come back down.

1954 Food rationing in Britain came to an end at midnight, after 14 years. They could finally enjoy a bacon butty with a clear conscious.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tom Oliver appeared in several episodes of Skippy.
He then did a stint in the TV series Prisoner.
Vernon Wells also appeared in Prisoner.
Then went on to appear in the 1985 movie Commando.
Which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

1970 The real reason why enlistment numbers have dropped in the Royal Navy has, curiously, not yet been traced back to the banishment of the daily ration of rum that was savagely done to death on this day. *hic*

Oz Etty Kit-
When paying for something at the cash register, put the money in the shop assistant's hand.
Don't toss it onto the counter.
It's RUDE.
Would you expect them to toss your change on the counter?


  1. What a horrible priest!

    I'd love to know what was going on in his mind.

    Are the facts you post related to the day...such as July 3?

    And who is Skippy??????

  2. Yes, we all thought so, too Dina.
    A former parishioner told us he'd always been rude and unpopular.
    Yep, the facts posted happened on that date with the year beside them.
    Skippy is the old Aussie TV series Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.
    Skippy was a bit like Lassie, always warning the national park rangers of danger, sometimes typing a letter on the old typewriter,etc.
    "What is it Skip?'
    "tick tick tick" ('roo noises)
    "You're saying Sonny has fallen down the well again, Skip?"
    "tick tick tick"
    "I'll get Dad!,"

  3. That is a horrible Priest!.

    Loved the bit about navy enlistments. :grin:

  4. I can never get my head around how long it took for food rationing to finish in England after the war. I guess they had a lot of rebuilding to do, but how long does it seriously take to get crops up and running again and a few cows in the field? The cows were in the country all along where it was supposed to be safe.

  5. OMG.
    I loved ALL of that post. I laughed out loud and frightened Ivy @ the cabbage soup.
    The nurse story and the Skippy get me everytime but I love the last bit about the cash for the cashier.

  6. A pal of mine lived in Paddington for a while which has a large homo population. He got alarmed in a local shop there when the spruced up male assistant held his hand briefly after giving him his change. He never went to that shop again, and soon afterwards moved far away.

  7. *hic* Marita ;)

    I think it was more to ensure that everyone was able to get an equal share of what was probably unsubsidised produce and goods while the govt spent the majority of it's funds on rebuilding.

    LOL Tiff, thanks :)
    Poor Ivy!

    Nothing to be alarmed about Robert ;) I've often had shop assistants play handies with me...but I think that was more to make a citizens arrest on me when I ventured out without my brown paper bag :P

  8. 'Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?'Sounds like you needed a guy in cod-piece and tights to put the word out to some drunken knights ...what a nasty man. And as for caggage are wicked.;)

  9. I want a priest like that when I go: no quiet blessing -a huge storm!

  10. Good old 'Enry II, he knew how to remove a priest that didst offend his eye, LiD ;)

    Out with a bang, Robert?