Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trivial History July 30

I was thinking about the serial killer who kills serial killers, Dexter, and when you put his behaviour, thought processes and mannerisms together, he'd easily get a diagnosis of Asperger's.
Unable to form close personal relationships.Having to ape the appropriate facial expressions in certain situations.
Feeling no connection to those around him.
Obsessed with things - in this case, serial killers.
Expert in his field of blood splatter but can't read body language or verbal signals.
Methodical in his pattern of behaviour, ritualistic in the manner in which he kills and disposes of the bodies.
And a shedload of other traits that has Dexter ticking all the boxes as an Asperger's poster boy...except for the killing thing he does. Not good to put on a poster.

1838 Just for something different, the papers reported that a rain of frogs fell upon London.
readit, readit...

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Xena.
Liam Flynn appeared in The Adventures of Skippy and later appeared in TV series All Saints.
Erik Thomson starred in All Saints but had earlier appeared in 4 episodes of Xena:Warrior Princess.
Which was all about...Xena.

1914 News of the impending war finally reached Australia by cable from London.

Oz Slanguage-
Full up to pussy's bow = to describe that one's stomach is overly full and one could not manage even one more bite, no really, thank you, no more, get away from me with that second helping of Brussell Sprouts,stop it...

1942 Port Hedland in Westralia was bombed by Japanese aircraft.

Aussie Love of Pubs-
Crown Place in Melbourne was named after the Crown Hotel which once graced the corner and watched the passing trade of both Queen and Lonsdale Sts.

1967  Sydney-siders no more found the beautiful copperplate script in chalk inscribing the word Eternity upon footpaths and buildings as the celebrated graffiti artist Arthur Stace passed away to his eternal reward.

Place Name Origins-
Alphington in Victoria gained it's moniker from the place of the same name over yonder in Devon, England, as the pupping place of the Aussie politician Sir William Montagu Manning.

1977 Andy Gibb, the baby of the Gibb brothers, hit the number one spot on the US hit charts with his first of three chart toppers, "I just wanna be your everything".
Does anyone remember it...?
No...neither did I....but I threw it in today in case it ever comes up in a pub trivia night, somewhere.

The first Aussie to be hanged by a lynch mob in America was John Jenkins in 1851, who was one of them shyte-stirring Sydney Ducks what caused so much botheration.

1979 Carless days were introduced in NZ to fight the world-wide oil shortage. The owner of each car had to nominate a day they would not drive their vehicle and display a sticker stating this.
Sounds good, when are they bringing it in for Oz...?

2007 Steve Bracks retired as Victorian Premier and John Brumby took over.
Ho hum...


  1. "...when you put his behaviour, thought processes and mannerisms together, he'd easily get a diagnosis of Asperger's."

    Leaving aside all the other pyschological complications, the one thing all serial killers have in common is that as children they torture animals. The British aristocracy with their fox hunting rituals spring to mind...

  2. You could be onto something here. And what would you say about those people who are OBSESSED with Dexter?

  3. Not to forget keeping their own, inbred offspring, Brian.
    Doesn't that constitute torture, too?

  4. I'd be a tad worried if any patient presented with an obsession of any TV show, to the exclusion of all other normal activity in their life, Anja ;)
    Coz Dexter is fiction and will eventually finish.

  5. Loving your diagnostic skills there jayne - must say that it makes a lot of sense.

    also makes sense as to why I don't find the show apppealing in anyway. I mean who really wants to compare their differently wired real life people with a serial killer?

  6. Well just to go off track a bit, I remember carless days in NZ as a child. Was most interesting and I dare say if fuel continues to rise they may re-introduce it. We have just finished Season one of Dexter here and found it interesting he had a brother who was also a serial killer and then goes onto kill his brother.

  7. I don't mind the show, Bettina, but I've got my own poster boy who's grin is worth more than a million Dexters.
    Plus he doesn't kill anything ;)

    Angelgurl they're going to have to bring something like that in just to keep the economy going, soon, on both sides of the Ditch.

    Just too much time considering behaviours in fictional characters, Casdok. I really need to get a life lol.

  8. Great slangage today. I will have to start using this one.