Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trivial History July 31

In a night that was the Kiwis Vs the Aussies on the ABC, we saw The Gruen Transfer ask for another 2 proposed TV ads , hypothetically from the NZ Govt, to stop tourists coming to Australia. You can view the very clever results HERE.
If I didn't already live in Oz I'd be changing my travel plans for the hot springs of Rotarua Golf Course!

In Spicks and Specks, it was the Kiwi Team Vs the Aussie Team, playing for the inaugural Richard Wilkins Trophy.
Fortunately the Kiwis won so they get to take the hideous trophy out of the country, unfortunately they're not taking the real Richard Wilkins back over the Ditch with 'em. *sigh*
Sadly, no fan has, at the time of this rambling, posted the footage of Adam Hills' closing song on YouTube.....but give it another, oh, let's say 4 hours, then go searching for it.
Adam Hills apologised in song for an incident that should never have happened ....
Which you can watch HERE.

Nursing Story # blah blah
One place I worked at for several years was quite nice to begin with but with budget belt-tightening we saw a lot of little extras - for patients and staff both - disappear, until it got to the point where we were on the verge of bringing in clothing for some of the patients.
The pay day had also started having a wander from the official day on which we were supposed to be paid, usually no more than 2 days late, but inconvenient nevertheless and staff morale was taking a nose dive.
Each time any of us rang up to complain to the pay office, we had to identify which section we worked in with one smarty pants bloke always joking that "Ha! None of youse girls work there, youse are all slackers".
One evening after a particularly rough double shift and when we'd all been due to be paid several of us did our big weekly shop together on the way home.
Each and every one of us were embarrassed at the check-out when our EFTPOS cards read insufficient funds.
The next morning, right on the dot of 8am we began ringing the pay office to complain, getting the standard joke trotted out to each of us that none of us actually worked for our money.
When it came my turn to call and he started his tired one-liner, I ripped into him, quietly.
"When and what do you get paid?" I asked.
"What's that got to do with you?" he spluttered.

"Because I've wiped 38 shitty arses from sun up to sun down, thrown medications down 38 gullets from sun up to sun down, filled out enough paperwork to wipe out another 3 rain forests, dealt with doctors, families, pathology, pharmacy and undertakers, and I figure your cushy bloody job would be a step up for me right at this moment. When does your contract expire, sunshine?"
He apologised and if our pay was ever late after that he always rang to warn us.

1856 Christchurch became the first city in New Zealand by a Royal Charter that Queen Vic marked with her royal X.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy- President of USA.
David Clendinning appeared in 3 episodes of The Adventures of Skippy and followed it with 1 appearence in The Sleepover Club.
Morgan Griffin appeared as a regular in The Sleepover Club and has just finished her scenes in the yet-to-be-released movie Accidents Happen.
Geena Davis is starring in Accidents Happen and she also starred in the TV series Commander in Chief.
As the President of USA.

1900 Westralia voted to join the rest of the unruly mob in the Commonwealth of Oz.

The first Aussie women's cricket team popped over to The Old Dart in 1937 on a tour.
The team was only ever beaten once.

1956 Ernie Dingo, the ever-smiling talented actor, travel guide, sportsman and all round nice guy, was born in Westralia.

Oz Slanguage-
Moleskin squatter = describing a common garden variety working man who's scraped up enough dosh to buy a small sheep run.

1965 The little engine that could, Puffing Billy, had the section from Belgrave to Emerald officially opened.

Place Name Origin-
Altona in Victoria was named by a German chappie, called Mr Taegtow, who christened the area after his old home town of Altona in Germany.

1975 Bob Hawke pledged to take The Pledge and declare himself dry if he entered Parliament and became the top dog PM.

Aussie Love of Pubs-
Downie St in Melbourne was named after the bloke J.B. Downie who had his business there importing beer and spirits.

1976 New Zealander John Walker took to his heels and took out the gold medal for the 1500 mts at the Montreal Olympics.


  1. "The team was only ever beaten once."

    Amazing, when you consider the English cricket squad consists of a gagle of silly old women and they get beaten every single time.

  2. I thought the second tv ad was hilarious!

  3. I want to know what the first ad was!!! Waah - we were watching Spics n Specks, then V did a flick and we ended up on Criminal Minds because something was set in San Diego and it appeases his homesickness - we flicked again in ad breaks and I saw the second but wished I knew what it was compared to!!

    The only time I was paid late was when the local bank would get bomb threats - which amazingly always happened on a Thursday! Luckily we were paid monthly.

  4. Oh - okay - seen it now! (Duh skim reading)

  5. oooo you are good, you are very good..........

    want to come sort out some 'staff issues' for me? lol

  6. I liked the second one better.....we saw the ozzie ads that took off NZ a few weeks ago and they were funny (they were the ones about Australia taking over NZ). Shhesh at the pay issues though.

  7. They'd better dig up the old Aussie girls for some coaching, Brian :P

    We loved the 2nd one, too, Dina lol.

    Bomb threats will make anything late, Jeanie!

    LOL sure, Bettina ;)

    We loved those earlier ads, too, Angelgurl, I blogged about them and offered to bring a plate of scones with me lol.
    Yeah, was the early days of the pay office using computers to credit bank accounts.

  8. Jayne,

    Have you seen the make-your-own-ads on that website???

    It's so awesome.

    Jack has been playing with it and having a great time.

    FB might love it--if he isn't loving it already.

    To get to it (if you didn't know already) you click on "Consumers Revenge"

  9. Yep, they're great fun, Dina ;)
    They played some of the viewers ads at the end of a few of the shows, there's a lot of talented ad writers out there!

  10. Loved the gorilla ad. Of course just to add to more o/s tourist killed, an Irish lad has gone missing. Best to add, I am sure he will found and ok.

  11. hey jaynie.
    Love that nursing story! I love it when good people stand up for themselves with a sense of humor!