Friday, July 4, 2008

Trivial History July 4

 Questions that have puzzled me since last night -
Why is Her Maj crying poor when I hear her local Macca's is hiring unskilled labourers?
Why is our Murray River totally stuffed while the river of BS from Canberra gets ever wider?
Why did I make such a large amount of cabbage soup and since when did water contain calories?
Please write your answers in the comments form, in triplicate, and fax the reply to The Back 'o' Burke, where they'll have a cold beer waiting for you...or someone who looks like you.

Nursing Story #13
A large hospital I was registered with as a casual on-call nurse had a locked geriatric psychiatric facility.
The Nursing Unit Manager and I had worked together in several other psych settings and knew how each other thought.
One day he contacted me and asked me to "special" a problem patient.(work 1:1).

The patient had a long psych history but had only recently developed some behaviours that were not only disruptive but were becoming worse with each day. Not wanting to simply increase her meds without investigating the cause/triggers but getting mixed messages from most members of the regular staff, he asked me to special the patient for a week and observe what was going on.
From the first day I could see where the problems lay and they weren't with the patient - they were the staff.
Quiet and calm at most times, the patient had her favourite nurses and when she knew they were busy with other patients she would let rip; over turning other patients meals/drinks, tearing bedclothes from beds, trailling toilet paper everywhere, emptying rubbish bins onto clean floors, while screeching her head off.
While I would be trying to divert the patient's attention away from these activities these particular nurses would drop whatever they were doing and would come running to pamper and cosset her, physically taking her into a lounge and fussing over her as they settled her into an arm-chair with tea and biscuits laid on like a party.
No matter that they'd left other patients unsupervised and in possible danger or work incomplete; they were determined to molly-coddle their "baby", who was as happy as any toddler that she was getting the attention from her favourites, having played them like a violin maestro.

I reported to the NUM my observations after the 3rd day and he sat the culprits down and gave them an informal lecture on the dangers of validating bad behaviour.
These nurses not only pulled their socks up but confided later they'd been programmed to react the same way with badly behaved family members who demanded undivided attention whenever they wished, even losing contact with other family members just to keep the peace with the selfish attention seekers.
Remember, any attention, even bad attention, is better than none at all; for toddlers, teens and adults, alike.

The Feast Day of Pax, the Roman Goddess of peace, was celebrated on this day.Let's hope there's a glimmer of Her somewhere around the world today.

Tis Independence Day for the USA, when the Declaration of Independence was formally adopted in 1776.

Harry Parsons used to keep The Rising Sun Hotel in Little Bourke St, Melbourne, in the early 1900's - and also a pet cockatoo. The cockatoo could hold a beer bottle by the neck, rip the cap off with it's beak and pour the beer into a glass.

1794 Lock up your daughters convicts! "The Flogging Parson", that old reprobate Samuel Marsden, upped sticks and called Parramatta home when he became chaplain there.

1829 George Shillibeer let loose the first dobbin-drawn buses in Marylebone Rd, London. The public loved them! But they didn't really take to his funeral hearse omnibus, for some reason....

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hint-
Stay ahead of the fashion field;rebel now and plant vegies as with rising petrol costs it'll be all the rage.

1924 Ohhhhh, the more things change, the more they stay the same...(or filed under "Same bucket of crap, just a different level") The Royal Commission into the high costs of living debuted the report to the Victorian Parliament to a round of thunderous applause and then.... *crickets chirping*

Oz Slanguage-
I've seen a better head on a glass of beer = a description of someone you consider having been belted with the ugly stick.

1984 Break out the thermals and long johns Pa, heavy snowfall blocked the roads and railways in Eastern Oz while Sydney had it's chilliest July day since 1896. Hot chocolate over here...!

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Dexter (The serial killer who kills serial killers).
Jeanie Drynan appeared in several episodes of Skippy.
She also appeared in the movie Muriel's Wedding, with Rachel Griffiths.
Rachel Griffiths starred in the TV series Six Feet Under, with Michael C. Hall.
Who is now the title actor in the delightful Dexter TV series.

1991 The world was deprived of a brilliant, wonderful man and cardiac surgeon when Victor Chang was murdered in Sydney.

Oz Etty Kit-
If you see a pregnant woman or person older than yourself in need of a seat on public transport, get up and offer them yours.
Hiding behind the newspaper/mobile phone/briefcase or just sticking your head up your bum to pretend you don't see them really doesn't work.
And I dare you to hold your breath the next time you stare into space sweating and hoping someone else will do the decent thing, thereby saving you from getting up off your fat, lardy, butterball arse and acting like a member of the human race for the first time in your life.
 Have a nice day!


  1. We realised last year our lives had been revolving around Heidi. Much like the patient in your story.

    It is amazing how easily you can fall into a routine of giving into one person all the time.

    Actually you've made me think of a certain SIL who I've been giving into a lot recently because I don't want her to cut off contact with the children. Perhaps I just need to stop for a while.

  2. I just missed Liz by a day. No one said she looked that poor. She could pawn some of her jewels and get some paint for her palace walls.

  3. "Why did I make such a large amount of cabbage soup and since when did water contain calories?"

    Cabbage soup might contain calories, but they're easily worked off through farting afterwards.

  4. That's a bit rough, Marita :(
    Maybe a break will change her outlook.

    Nice to see you back, Andrew :)
    She could always flog Charlie and Camilla off to the circus as a sideshow attraction, surely they'd bring her in a few bob ;)

    Ahh thank you Brian. Then my exercise routine is going swimmingly ;)

  5. I think this comment thingy is driving me nuts. 'Tis a pity that all of Sydney's most scenic psych. facilities have closed down. Hmm, could that have anything to do with the water view real estate they were sitting on. But I digress...

    Drama Queens, a practiced habit, you bet your fair white ass. *nods*

  6. Oooo you cynical girl Anja :P
    Who'd have thought property values would influence state govts to close down psych facilities...!
    Surely they were doing it for the good of the mentally ill..their bank accounts just happened to get a little inflated after the ;)

  7. Did you know the reason psych facilities were built on the water was because it was illegal to transport "lunatics" on the kings highways?

    Nice little tie in with your regal-mental theme.

    Another ugly term - 2 paper bag job!

  8. LOL Jeanie, I like that term.
    So you mean to say I was breaking the law each time I drove on the road...? :P

  9. The ugly adage is used here as well as well as the term, 'Uglier than a mud fence.'

  10. This is my first visit to this blog and found this post to be delightfully eclectic...Perfectly titled, Trivial History July 4...LOL

    A good way to get some trivial knowledge, use your brain for a minute, but relax all the while!

    Thanks for this neat post in the Blog Carnival!

    Kimberly Edwards :)