Sunday, July 6, 2008

Trivial History July 6

I shall be running amok at the local Sunday market today, buying many vegie seedlings and old books - to feed The Tribe physically and culturally. Feel free to give me a wave...or a wide berth!

Nursing Story #15
A large public hospital used to have a private hospital within it's walls.
Patients in the public wards were able to access pay-TV free of charge but those in the private hospital had to pay extra to receive it.
While I was there one well-known identity was admitted to the private section, only to be transferred out to the public wards at his own request as he refused to pay extra for pay-TV !

1835 Deciding on a change of scenery after living with the Aborigines for 32 years, escaped convict William Buckley popped over to meet John Batman at Indented Head in Post Phillip.

George Trigwell Johnstone was a chicken who drank a glass of beer every night in the 1950's at the Ship Hotel in Busselton, WA, until he went to the great hen-house in the sky from a pickled liver.

1863 NSW, not knowing what to do with that large-ish spot on the map called the Northern Territory, handballed the ownership of it over to South Oz.

Oz Slanguage-
The Fremantle Doctor = a fresh breeze that blows through Fremantle and Perth on Summer afternoons, refreshing and cooling the populace.

1912 The first automatic public phone exchange in Oz was installed to thunderous applause from bored humpback whales in Geelong.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Julie Andrews.
Les Foxcroft played a character named Cliff in 2 episodes of Skippy.
He also appeared in the 1998 TV horror movie 13 Gantry Row with Nicholas Hammond.
Nicholas Hammond played Friedrich in a little movie called The Sound Of Music.
Which starred Julie Andrews.

1943 Darwin was bombed, again.

Aussie Strine -
Hop eyes = hot pies (drop the 'T'). For hot pie and sauce = hoppine sauce


  1. "Darwin was bombed, again."

    That's because his discovery of the theory of evolution drove him to drugs.

  2. And here I thought he was only soaking himself in medicinal brandy for posterity!