Monday, July 7, 2008

Trivial History July 7

Another beautiful Monday to start the working week...say it often enough and you can almost believe it!

Nursing Story # 16
A lovely elderly gent, in his late 80's, was admitted to the hospital over-night and the morning staff introduced themselves to him, assisted him with his shower, menu selection, etc.
He mentioned he was still happily married and had children and that he hoped they'd be in that day to visit.
That afternoon a woman in her early 30's popped in to visit him, left for a few hours then returned with the young grandchildren.
Or so we thought.
It wasn't until the end of visiting hours when the "daughter" approached nursing staff to query the tests and surgery planned for the following day that she corrected a nurse who referred to her "father".
"Oh no, he's not my Dad, he's my husband.
And these are our children."
The red faces in the nurses station could have lit a room!.

1456 Joan of Arc was found not guilty a quarter of a century after they'd done her a nasty mischief....oops!

1852 Sherlock Holmes' sidekick, Dr Watson, was pupped on this day. Elementary!

Nellie Stewart, one of the most famous stage performers of the 19th century, was playing the lead boy in the play Jack and The Bean Stalk in 1883 when she fell off the bean stalk and broke her arm.
She rushed backstage, had her bound up, then returned to the stage to battle the giant.

1900 Now listen up, lads, I will say this only once; the Aussie post office has a dastardly plan afoot to employ only ladies as telephone operators due to the number of complaints that you lot aren't paying attention to the customers...lads? Are you listening?!

1942 Horn Island was bombed; just one of the 9 times the Japanese used it for target practice.

Oz Slanguage -
Mingy = descriptive word for someone who is mean with their money; usually applied to politicians at Budget time.

1961 The King Street Bridge in Melbourne felt a little wonky, so it had a lie down with a Bex and a nice cuppa tea...after it collapsed. Hang on, isn't that the same bridge that's dropping and cracking up...?
And this, dear reader, is the importance of learning past mistakes from history so you don't keep repeating them!

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Agatha Christie. 
Edward Hepple appeared in 2 episodes of Skippy.
He provided the voice of The Prospector in the TV series of The Silver Brumby, which Bud Tingwell narrated.
Bud Tingwell also appeared in the 1961 movie Murder, She Said.
Which was based on the book by Agatha Christie.

1982 Queen Liz (model number 2) woke up with a Michael Fagin on her bed at Buck Palace, chattering away about all things inconsequential until the palace guard police gathered him up and transported him to the tower police station where they chopped off his head charged him with nicking half a bottle of grog wine.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Ditch the electric blanket and use a hot water bottle instead; it's warmer, cheaper and you can't cuddle up to an electric blanket.

1985 Oh happy day! The desal plant in Coober Pedy had it's switches flipped and thus the underground town had a water supply.

Place Name Origins-
ABC Range in South Oz was thus named as it was said there were as many hills in the range as letters in the alphabet.

1992 The oh-so-attractive purple plastic $5 note started mingling with the common coins in our pockets.

Aussie Strine-
Chair Congeal = Jack and Jill 
You think that's bad, you should see what they got up to up that hill!


  1. That's one way to keep young at heart.

  2. LOl at the fertile old gent ...
    I love your old nursing stories Jayne. I wish I could remember mine.
    I have been reading always.
    The 6 degrees of Skippy is a hoot - how do you stretch the or find them more is the point.
    I love my electric blanket ...I turn if off when I go to bed anyway unless it is a cold night. I have two little bodies to cuddle up to that keep me warm ...the Tool man dosesn't get a look in anymore ;)

  3. Well he certainly gave his heart ( and other bits) a youthful work-out, Evyl :P

    Thanks Trish, it helps when you have the memory of an elephant lol.
    Skippy is only a little bit of work online ;)
    LOL Poor Tool man ;)

  4. "Joan of Arc was found not guilty a quarter of a century after they'd done her a nasty mischief....oops!"

    Did you know that she was actually charged for wearing men's trousers?

  5. Dirty buggers were waiting for her to don a skirt and flash 'em a little ankle, Brian.
    The Scots, on the other hand, were flashing far too much ankle :P

  6. But not as much as Phil Harding. There ought to be a law against it.

  7. lol @ your nursing stories Jayne!!


  8. He makes the crack of Dawn a retina-burning sight, Brian :P

    Thanks Kim and Bettina :)

  9. Wow @ the young wife. But I suppose in the end age doesn't count!

  10. Where did you find them! I particularly liked the six degrees of separation. What can I say, I used to be a sucker for Skippy.

  11. We were impressed at the wife's age, too, Veronica lol.

    Thanks Maddy, dear old Skip was a favourite here, too :)