Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trivial History July 8

Popping out the back for a smoke I realised I had more wildlife to worry about when I found 2 worms wriggling across the back door after a heavy rainfall.
Had they not seen rain for so long they were running scared?
Were they trying to escape the neighbours playing of Celine Dion music?
Or were they just trying to tell me they approved of our colour choice for the back door paint?
Who knows ( and if you do know, drop me a line and fill me in!) but I got to pick up slimey, wriggly wormies and pop them into the garden.
Which means I'll probably mutate into some hideous creature from a Marvel comic any tick of the clock....

Nursing Story # 17
One "facility" (it didn't deserve the title of "hospital" and it sure wasn't there for the patient's health) I worked at (before I ran screaming into the wilds) was a revolting mix of rehab, short-term/respite care, long-term care and locked psych ward on the 3rd floor. What made the place revolting was not the out-dated building, patients or the equipment - it was the management and, like a domino effect, the staff.
Some staff had been there so long I think they had died and become zombies, and no one told them we'd converted over to dollars and cents...coz they bloody sure didn't have any sense.
The locked psych ward residents were all bed-ridden and away with the fairies, vaguer than violets and unable to move. But they had to remain in the locked psych ward AND have the then-new wrist alarm tags put on.
The short-term/respite wards were on the ground floor, kept unlocked every minute of the day and they had more escapees from there than Elvis sightings at Maccas. The nurses spent more time running after absconding patients every day than actually being in the building during their shift.
Staff before me and, no doubt, staff after me did the same thing as I - tried to talk logic to the NUM's of both wards into swapping over.
They wouldn't budge unless they got the nod from the Deputy DON but when I spoke to him his excuse was,
"Oh no, those patients have been locked in for so many years we can't remove that security blanket from them, you just don't know how they'll react; they might even run away!"
So I became the next escapee and ran away. 
I cheered loudly a few years later when I heard the facility had been shut down and the land sold off. 

1794 The American ships Indispensable and Halcyon tottle off from Port Jackson with a little something extra - and escaped convict on each ship. Bon Voyage and thank your mother for the rabbits...!

A mere 25 seconds after Billy Britt the heavyweight boxer came out of his corner to shape up to Herb Narvo in Newcastle, NSW in 1943, Billy was lying flat out, unconscious, making it the fastest knockout in an Aussie title fight.

1799 Having a few vacancies on his dance card, Matthew Flinders took himself off to explore the north east coast of Oz.

Oz Slanguage-
Chew and Spew = describing a cheap eating place where one might find their meal returning as fast as one ate it.

1870 Vic Parliament voted to cease and desist State aid payments to religion, with the monies to be but a memory by 1875.
See, if NSW had listened to us, their taxpayers wouldn't be forking out $86million for World Youth Day...! (Thanks to Ian)

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Pamela Anderson.
Harold Hopkins was a guest actor in several episodes of Skippy.
He also appeared, briefly, in McLeod's Daughters, which starred Simmone Mackinnon.
Simmone had previously starred in the TV series Baywatch.
In which Pamela Anderson also starred.

1882 Aussie pianist,composer and wonderful folk music writer, Percy Grainger, was hatched in Brighton, Victoria, not in an English Country Garden.

Place Name Origins-
Adavale, in Qld, was originally known as Ada's Veil. This came about when Ada Stevens was crossing the Blackwater Creek with her husband in 1870 and lost her veil. When the train line reached it, the town's name was changed to Adavale.

1904 Sydney streets were up in lights when someone made the right moves to turn on the Pyrmont Power Station....

Aussie Strine-
Cheque Etcher = did ya get ya; IE - Where cheque etcher new shoes?


  1. "Popping out the back for a smoke..."

    Surely not...I was starting to think I was the only human being left on the planet who hadn't abandoned the evil weed yet. And you an Australian too.

  2. I will have to start using the term chew and spew. That is my kind of phrase.

  3. eeeeeeeeeweeeew worms first thing in the morning. My worm farm has been extinct since we moved. Time to resurrect me thinks.

  4. so which marvel character do you think you'll turn into?

    Following on from Skippy and Pammy (has a nice ring don't ya think?) - you can now link him to the big brother house after she goes in on Wednesday ;) lol

  5. Check out this beauty to find out what the worms were up to:


  6. Well, I don't drink any more, I don't torment patients any more and I don't annoy others drivers any more, so I need a vice of some kind, Brian!

    You may take and use that term freely with my blessing, Evyl lol ;)

    Wormies before cornflakes aren't a pretty sight, Colin ;)

    I'll probably turn into something very mediocre Bettina, like "Worm Woman ; able to turn a landfill into a compost heap with one blast of my Worm Power Poo". But I promise to use them only for good :P
    LOL @ Skippy and BB.

    LMAO Jeanie! Celine Dion music would make anyone (except my neighbours) get their work done ;)

  7. I'm with Brian!

    Well, you know not 'with' but with!

    He he!

    Glad I'm not the only other 'social outcast' - standing outside freezing...tsk!


  8. I'll think of you and Brian, Myst, in about 5 mins when I'm freezing, too lol ;)