Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trivial History July 9

As the starry eyed rejoice at the news of Nicole Kidman's new offspring, Sunday Roast Rose, one can't but help ask oneself if Naomi's latest series is completely fiction....and not inspired by facts she's keeping under her hat...!?

Somewhere in the world there is a Chocolate Festival taking place. I don't know where and I don't know the details...but I think it's in all our best chocoholic interests to embrace other cultures whenever we can and dive headfirst into help celebrating a Chocolate Festival.....

1839 Perth society was all agog when the first stage performance in Westralia debuted on this day, Love a la Militaire.

Mother-in-Law Memory -
After a discussion that involved her telling me the lurid details of her sex life *gag*, my MIL then showed me a nasty cut on her leg from when she'd shaved it that morning.
"Hmmm...shaved ham," my naughty mouth let loose.
The silly cow thought I was joking.....

1892 The infamous Bulletin Debate began with Henry Lawson firing the first shot across Paterson's bow, having a dig at Paterson's romantic view of the bush, in the droll poem Up The Country.
This debate was actually Henry's idea to earn a few quid, as each poet's reply was published they were paid by The Bulletin.

Oz Slanguage-
Gum Puncher = nickname for the dentist....and how your jaw and hip pocket feels after the visit.

1893 10,000 souls came to Sydney's Domain to Bon Voyage The New Australia emigrants, who were sailing off into the sunset to start a new, improved utopian life in Paraguay.
Unfortunately due to service difficulties from the emigration office they didn't actually set off until July 16.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - K9.
Barbara Joss appeared in 2 episodes of Skippy and had already appeared in a double episode of Doctor Who in 1965.
And the Doctor's faithful companion is K9.(until he leaks oil and ball-bearings all over the grass in the park...)

1946 Ronald Belford Scott, better known to die-hard Aussie rock fans as Bon Scott, original lead singer with legendary band AC/DC, was found in the tulip patch.

Place Name Origins-
Adventure Bay, in Tassie, wasn't named after a lost boy scout troop out on a camp that went slightly "Lord of The Flies" type wrong, but  was named by Tobias Furneaux who sheltered in the bat in 1773 whilst commanding the ship Adventure during Jimmy Cook's second voyage. 


  1. I never knew about the "New Australia" thing in Paraguay.

    Very interesting!!!!

  2. ^ Yeah, I didn't either - what happened to them after they managed to set sail?

    Mmmmmmm... chocolate festival.. *droool* The last time I attended something like that, I was 13 weeks pregnant and the chocolate *sob* NAUSEATED ME!

    PS. Ever wonder why Katie Holmes always wears makeup in public? *wink*

  3. count me in for the chocolate festival!!!!

  4. Mmm - chocolate - reminds me of the most delicious book Chocolat. I swear, you gain just by reading.

    Apparently JJJ were having great fun with Nic's tribute to the Lamb series, and think their next child will be "Hills Hoise"

  5. Chocolate festival :) I'm there.

    Shouldn't the 'shaved ham' be a stupid sow?

  6. It's not covered very much in Oz history, Dina and Naomi, as the original concept failed with in-fighting, failed crops, etc, with some moving back to Oz, to England while some stayed and their descendants still live there today.

    LOL @ Katie Holmes - that explains a LOT!

    Pick a date, any date for a chocolate festival Bettina and Jeanie ;)
    PMSL I love that Hills Hoise name ;)

  7. LOL Anja, ahhh but sows have more sense than she does ;)

  8. LOL, I embrace the chocolate festival every day in my own home...mmmm...chocolate.

    I love skippy, did you know that? My next favourite TV animal was K9 (and after that Flipper)!

  9. Chocolate - (said like cookie monster). Give me chocolate! Thanks I was having a craving free day.
    Also ewww on the MIL shaving cut and why on earth would she tell you about her sexlife...why?

  10. LOL Tiff, glad you could have a double dose of Skippy and K9 ;)

    She's a strange life-form, LiD, which is the kindest description I've ever given her lol ;)

  11. "Somewhere in the world there is a Chocolate Festival taking place. I don't know where and I don't know the details..."

    Judging by the number of chocolate wrappers under Michelle's side of the bed, it's in our bedroom.

  12. So we shall descend upon your house and join Michelle in the worship of The Great and Good Chocolate ? :P

  13. No thank you...I have to clear the place up.

  14. Somehow I can't quite picture you getting silly with a feather duster, Brian :P

  15. *shudders* as she remembers future MIL telling her the details of her sex life too and her three 'O's -just as a forewarming in case future husband was same -ewwww

    mmm on the chocolate festival - my bags are packed !

    LOL on Sunday Roast ... perfect !

  16. Oh good Lord, Trish, you mean there's more MIL's spouting off about their sex lives...!
    These women really need a life!
    And not ours ;)

  17. Celebraties name their young 'uns the damnedest things these days. I wonder if they are just wanting their kids to receive daily ass whuppins'.

  18. At least the kids will all have something in common, Evyl - apart from the psychologist sessions;)