Thursday, July 3, 2008

Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge - Almost Finished!

Feral Beast is in the home straight, having currently read 96 books (and counting) for this year's Reading Challenge.
I say home straight as the Reading Challenge website only allows each person to register up to 100 books, despite promises last year that they would increase the number of books able to be registered.
Well, really, what did I expect?
It is, after all, the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge.
The books and subject matter have varied far and wide but, once again, he's enjoyed himself and the books.
He's been back in time with Aussie dinosaurs, Lawson, Dennis and Paterson, the drovers and explorers, the huge explosion of writers in the 1890's who shaped the attitude of our fledgling nation, biographies of the living and dead, Stephen Hawking took him on a trip with a Brief History of Time, Artemis Fowl and Doctor Who have waged battles galore under the bedclothes with a torch.....
So, what's stopping you from picking up a book...hmmm?


  1. I've had some mighty battles under the bedclothes, but never with a chook. Or Doctor Who.

  2. Sorry to be commenting so much, I'm in reduced circumstances: got rid of two more blogs.
    What a career.

  3. what is stopping me? All these wonderful blogs to read! Oh and Plurk. Damn you plurk my crack.

    You go Feral Beast!

  4. You haven't lived till you've tangled with a Dalek under the doona, Robert ;)
    LOL That's ok ;)

    You know Plurk will make your hair go curly when the wind changes Kelley :P
    FB said "Thank you".

  5. I worry about the words 'Reading' and 'Challenge' appearing in the same context. When you consider what's on the idiot's lantern these days (with the exception of Dr. Who, of course) surely sitting through hours of mindless pulped television is the challenge whereas a good read is a luxury pasttime.

  6. You are my favourite homeschooler .... by far..... lol

  7. Woo hoo

    Guess where I am from ....

  8. That's why we glue FB's finger to the Discovery Science channel, Brian, and no *gag* reality *choke* shows are allowed in our house.

    LOL Thank you WS :)
    Ummm...You're from Outer Mongolia tonight? :P

  9. I want to read about Aussie dinosaurs!!

    I need to find me a book about that--or a blog.

    How old is this FB? Are you really homeschoolers?

  10. Yep, I homeschool FB, he's 11.
    He's got his own blog, the link is at the top of my page.
    A great Aussie dinosaur to look up is the Gogo fish, from Western Australia. They recently found that it was the first animal to have a live birth...which means it was the first to actually have sex ;)

  11. We homeschool too!

    You're in Victoria, right? I remember reading that Victoria has the most lenient homeschooling laws.

    I'll take a lot at the blog : )

    Thanks for the dino info!

  12. Yep, we're in Melbourne, Victoria.
    Recently laws came in that we have to register to homeschool in Victoria but it's no big deal ;)

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