Wednesday, July 23, 2008

While you were puzzling over that Thing...

Had a fun time at the museum today although the inner Nurse Bitch From Hell emerged several times.
A group of grade 3 private school students were running amok in the Evolution Gallery - their mummsies must be feeling the pinch as it was obvious some of the kids had only had red cordial for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and 1 young boy shoved myself and FB aside in his whirlwind screeching flight through the Gallery whilst his teacher was trying to peal other students off the walls and displays.
I promise I only growled quietly at the little animal darling child, which must have been a first for his entire life as he stopped and meekly went back to his under-paid glorified child minder teacher.
We were going to avoid the Mind, Body Gallery as I think FB is a bit young to have a full-blown sex education just yet but the co-ed school teens in the Evolution Gallery were doing their best to educate him on how to tickle tonsils with tongues behind the terradactyl. Sadly, some of the boys looked like the throw-backs in the cases and I had to fight the urge to recommend that the girls put down those creatures as they didn't know where they'd been and go for another selection from the gene pool.
On the way home a teen barged into me, almost knocking me A over T as I was helping Dad onto the 3.25 Pakenham from Parliament - this time I didn't growl quietly and the lad had the grace to blush and apologise. Good Lord there's hope for this lot yet!
Trying to get off at our station was interesting - 6 hefty private school teens were determined to imitate a thick brick wall in the doorway (almost as thick as the plank between their ears) so I growled LOUDLY this time.
The whole carriage went silent (yes, when I growl I put the fear of the rubber glove and suppository into mortal men with
Result -they shifted their lard arses and cleared a path for all of us who wanted to use the doors.
Next time I shall take my white cane and crack a number of ankles...oh I do enjoy cracking ankles...bwhahahahahaha.

Oh and we picked up the bones from last week, dropped off a shedload more and the Thing is a plumb-bob handle from which to hang the plumb-bob.
Next we'll see how you go without clues again!


  1. sounds like you had an interesting day. Me? I played avoid the swil in the supermarket for amusement lol

  2. Speaking of unruly kids, one single mother was having difficulty controlling her own particular offspring in Tescos recently when the store manager called her over.
    "I've tried eveything with him," she explained as the child continued to throw soup cans round the store and barge into old people screaming loudly. "Nothing I say or do seems to work."
    "Leave it to me," the manager replied and pulled the kid up short. Having whispered something in his ear, the child suddenly stopped its animalistic behaviour, took hold of its mother's hand demurely and kept quiet throughout the rest of the shopping trip.
    As she reached the exit, the mother saw the manager again and asked him, "What exactly was it you said?"
    "I told him," the manager replied, "That if he didn't pack it in I was going to kick his f***ing teeth down his throat."

  3. Pardon me I was right, the ship clue was misleading, that's all.
    A plumb bob functions the same as a gyro: no matter how you sway -on a ship or whatever, the bob (gyroscope) stays true vertical.


    I demand my name up in lights!

  4. You should have copied the horrid child from Brian's tale, Bettina, then you could have really had some amusement! ;)

    I'd love to say that to some of the little se-barstians, Brian lol.

    Robert, it's a handle for a plumb-bob. A gyro doesn't use this handle.
    I'd put your name up in lights but I'd worry about you sneaking over the back fence :P

  5. If there's any fence I would climb,
    Any heart I would intrude,
    It's yours.

  6. Awww Robert!
    That's sweet, you know how to turn a gal's head.