Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another bloody threat to the Great Barrier Reef

If you thought things were tickety-boo with Penny Wong and Chairman Rudd on the case, think again.

Click over HERE to read about how the QLD State Govt is allowing a company to "investigate" a site for shale oil mining that will probably stuff up one of Mother Nature's greatest creations.

Kin has concisely explained the situation for us all and gathered the relevant contact details for us to act on.
 Let them know what you think about the proposed oil drilling in the face of Mr Rudd's claims to be concerned about the environment, carbon emissions and climate change.


  1. "...this is a global issue and the government needs to realise this, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is your issue as well."

    That might well be the case, but I don't remember the Australians rallying round when we needed four hundred quid to replace the tiles on the school roof.

  2. One word: Labor

    *must control hand of death*

  3. Oh no! so sad to see this, global warming issue itself already brings damage to the sea and reefs... now this?

    when i was 16, my first time diving lessons i think underwater creatures can live happily with beautiful reefs... now? not anymore :(

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  4. What a bunch of greedy bastards.

  5. I agree with Pure Evyl. Four hundred quid for a new roof! Disgraceful.