Friday, August 29, 2008

Let your inner bitch off the leash!

Dad's about to turn 85, is the last of his family yet 2 of his nieces and nephews haven't called or spoken to him in at least 10 years for no reason other than they're lazy.
Being in tentative email contact with one of his great-nieces (my 2nd cousin) I've tried calling and speaking to her, but to no avail.
As I was once close to this 2nd cousin and as I certainly haven't shat on her, killed her first born, sent her nasty white powder in the mail or written her number on public toilets with the slogan "for a good time call..." I'm at a loss to understand this cold shoulder.
So I let my inner bitch roam free on the keyboard.
I sent an email bluntly reminding her that Dad is the last of their older generation, when his birthday is, how our number is the same as it's been since the Big Bang and that he'd appreciate a phone call from them all.
I do not give a fat rat's clacker if I feel a sudden itch between the shoulder blades.
Coz letting your inner bitch off the leash now and then is very good for the soul - doctors should prescribe it and the Govt should whack it on the PBS list.


  1. rofl, if I ever let my inner b1tch off the leash, I am afraid I might not be able to put it back on !!!!

  2. I'm proud of you.

    We all need to let our inner bitch out sometimes.

  3. good for you!!

    And besides being good for you some people need to be bitch slapped from time to time ;)

  4. LOL We'd have to round it up with a whip :P

    Indeed we do, Dina :)

    Exactly, Bettina!
    Helps you de-stress and helps them learn to appreciate the bitch switch lol ;)

  5. All right, you go girl! sometimes it does make you feel a little better to bitch, even if nothing comes of it.

  6. Good for you!

    I did a similar thing, when it was Mum's 50th (14 years ago!) - her own father hadn't called her or sent a card. So I rang him (I don't have much to do with him at all) and said "Just wanted to let you know Mum will be at my house tonight - so if you wanted to ring her for HER 50TH here's my number". He rang. I didn't ever tell her. She thought it was great that he called.

    What's wrong with people these days.....!
    You were dead right to let em have it!


  7. Being all 'umble and genteel like what I am, I don't have an inner bitch or even an inner bastard. That's what Michelle's for. If I need somebody spiking at a range of two hundred paces I let her off the leash, thus keeping my perfect, unsullied character intact.

  8. My inner bitch is my best buddy. :)

  9. Way to go!

    Well done Inner Bitch.

  10. Sometimes you just got to give the old "life's too short" slap to your loved ones, eh?

  11. Historylover and Myst - YES!

    I've long suspected that Michelle is the true power behind your throne, Brian :P

    LMAO Anja :)

    Thanks Marita :)

    Yep, they need to remember that, Jeanie ;)

  12. My inner bitch comes out occasionally and it feels so good to let her have her head rather than fighting to keep her quiet. Very cleansing for the soul I say :)

  13. Makes you feel all sparkly clean for Spring, hey Gemisht? lol