Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Name That....

Hint this week -
  • It's pretty obvious what this Thing is but if you're struggling I suggest you look at your feet.
  • It's also something I (and probably many other women) have dreamed of putting on The Spouse to keep him out of my hair.

And just for Jeanie -
Have as many guesses as you like, the winner gets his/her name in my sidebar and the right to dance about like a silly goat for a full 5 mins.

Congrats to Historylover from History's Mysteries blog - they were leg irons - found by my Dad about 40+ yrs ago when installing plumbing to houses in the Western District of Victoria.
An escaped convict?
A spare set for when the other shackles were worn out?
Or the pair the missus kept for when her hubby got too big for his boots?
Who knows?!
But Historylover may now twirl about grinning madly for 5 mins while loudly proclaiming how clever she is !

Well done to all who had a go, the next challenge will be posted next Tuesday.


  1. Hi,
    I would guess it leg shackles.

  2. It's leg shackles like History Lover said.

  3. Oh wow - it IS a red plastic ruler - do I get bonus points for noticing the centimetre and millimetre variations it has offered!

    And when your done with using the shackles are you going to offer them with The Sullivans episodes that you have so wisely put them to use with?

  4. It's a set of QVC ear rings a month after the guarantee has run out.

  5. But how would you get the lawn mowed, the garden dug and the house vaccuumed if you used such a dastardly device?

  6. LOL Jeanie.

    Close Brian :P

    LOL Colin - I'd keep mowing the lawn and digging the garden like I do now.
    Just have to train the Feral Beast to hoover the house :P

  7. lol, can I borrow them for Um, something ??