Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Name That....

Hint this week -
  • Everyone would find it, literally, handy.
The usual rules apply - have as many guesses as you like, the weirder the better (I enjoy the chuckles) and the winner gets to do the Clever Clogs Highland Fling while their name gets stamped into the winners list of my sidebar.

Jahteh has it - it is a recessed handle for a sliding door.
Go forth and do your high kicking can-can J!
Well done to all, the next challenge will be posted , as usual (barring cyclones, tidal waves and ulcerated fingers) next Tuesday.


  1. Fancy sliding door recess for fitting fingers into. About time I got one right.

  2. It's a set of Georgian Knuckle Dusters, for the refined 18th century yob.

  3. It's a thing that pieces of Cheese live on. They're all the rage in Bulgaria.

  4. It is an asparagus serving dish.