Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Name That....


(Click on the images for a larger view)
Hints this week -
  • The handle (the bit that looks like a shovel handle) moves up and down .
  • The second photo is showing what is at the end of the hollow tube.
  • The short bit sticking out at the side is hollow and is connected to the longer, hollow tube.
The usual rules apply - have as many guesses as you want, the more the merrier.
The winner gets nuthin'...except his/her name up in flashing lights and the right to strut their smokin' smarts for a full 5 mins.

Pip from The House of Squiggles has it - it's a water pump.
Go jiggle and giggle your clever clogs, Pip!
Well done to all, next challenge will be next Tuesday barring an explosion of the Sun.


  1. I think it's like a sprayer thingy that you would use to spray roses or maybe to kill weeds. Hose attaches to that thing poking out perpendicular to the handle, you pump the handle and all your insecticide goes nicely were you want.

    At least, that's what I think it is....

  2. We used to call a similar device a sump pump and although I can recall using it, I can't remember for what, apart from the obvious, emptying liquid from the bottom of something. It could also be used to pump kero from a kero tin to a kero heater I suppose.

  3. ooooh, Memories come flooding back with this one.

    Tis a hand operated water pump, we used to have one just the same when I were a kid. We used it for firefighting, scoop up a big bucket of water, and stick the pump in then pump like crazy to get the pressure you needed.

    We called it the 'Stirrup Pump'.

    I have no idea what it's correct name is, or what it was intended to pump when designed, but those are the memories that came flooding back when I saw it!

  4. I forgot to mention, the one we had, had a bracket clamped around the main tube, just below the fat bulb like section. This bracket went outside the bucket and had a little platform thingie you put your foot on to hold the pump still while you were using it.

    The height of the bracket was adjustable by loosening the clamp around the tube and sliding the pump up or down.

  5. You could get an immense high if you used it as a bong.

    We had these as kids. Excellent brother soaker.

  6. Pip is correct and I had the wrong name. Stirrup pump.