Monday, August 25, 2008

Pretty Possum Mafia Moll

This is our new backyard resident, a ringtail possum. Click on the image for a larger pic.
She (I think she's a she!) seemed not bothered at all by us standing under the gum tree flashing camera lights at her or following her progress around the garden.
We later came out to find her testing the plum tree blossoms with her tastebuds but she decided to gallop across the pergola, leap into the vine, clamber onto the shed roof and then up into the neighbours' over-hanging prunus tree.
Which is loaded with blossom.
The Spouse last saw her at 2am happily chomping her way through the yummy goodness and chittering away, looking for a mate.
She's gonna share her possum lovin' with the whole neighbourhood.
Should I worry that The Spouse is muttering about making a nesting box for her?!

*Rainbow Lorikeets have been circling around the neighbourhood for the past few that the same danger signal as when sharks circle their prey?


  1. It means Spring is just around the corner. The backyard will be alive with horny marsupials.

    Lucky marsupials. *sigh*

  2. Y'know, Anja, trying to have sex on a tin roof and sliding all over the place... doesn't really sound that appealing when I think about it.

    Or are the possums in our area just kinkier than most?

    Bloomin' lorikeets!!!

  3. (did I mention occasionally falling off said tin roof?)

  4. PS. Nice photo, too!

  5. Lucky, LOUD marsupials, Anja LOL.

    I swear some, in the past, have slid off the she'd tin roof Naomi lol, if the screechings are anything to go by.
    Thanks, The Spouse took it. Like I said, she almost virtually posed for us, no panic at our presence at all.

  6. "she'd tin roof" should read "shed's tin roof".
    (slaps wrist)

  7. "Should I worry that The Spouse is muttering about making a nesting box for her?!"

    You should if it's in his sleep.

  8. She is very cute.

    Some furry critter has been getting into our garage and using it as a nest. Destroyed a box of stuff we'd been storing in there - they did of course have to choose the only cardboard box, everything else is in plastic tubs now.

  9. I'd worry if he builds the nesting box in your roof...

    Very cute possum though!

  10. I love ring tailed possums...
    We have some sugar gliders here as well As yet I haven't been able to get a photo..

    Great shot!!! Keep us posted on how she's going (please??)

  11. He couldn't mutter much through the snoring, Brian :P

    They're like cats, they love cardboard boxes, Marita ;)

    I'd shoot him if he did, MD!

    Thanks Kim and yep, we will. She's outside in the tree, right now, ignoring us beneath her while she gorges on the blossoms lol.

  12. I wouldn't encourage the lorikeets. They are terribly noisy and relentless.

  13. They're the liquidators of the bird world, Andrew, they strip any and all assets from fruit trees :P

  14. the newest member of the possum mafia?

    Or do you think she's planning a take over and going to sleep her way to the top?

  15. PMSL
    I think she's well on the way in her plans, Bettina ;)

  16. That is a way cooler looking possum than the ugly varmints that we have around here.

  17. Thanks Irish Lad :)

    Yeah, we thought she was too cute to turn into possum pie, Evyl :P