Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rambles and Burbles

Such lovely weather dragged me out of the house - and away from the riotous garden- to explore Sunday Markets far and wide.

# 1 market was at Cheltenham, under cover but in a, I suspect, former NASA Wind Tunnel. Trash and treasures galore to be found, and at prices one would be happy to part company with hard earned dosh for, but one might wish to carry a lantern or a miners lamp to see the treasures.
Tools, plants, housewares, plants, linen, plants, jewellery, plants, yummy hot sausages in bread, plants, anything and everything to pique everyone's interest. Plus plants.
Very friendly stall holders, great atmosphere even if a tad dungeon-like.
I shall trot off there again.

#2 market was also on the Frankston train line, right beside a particular station.
Hmmm, officious chap policing the "voluntary donation" entry point. Tossed him a coin to make him smile...cheaper than the clowns at the sideshow.

A group of female 20-somethings grabbing at clothing racks with signs screaming that these are "latest fashion" garments. The scent of mothballs is over-powering at 30 feet; one woman states to another "it is just the dry-cleaning fluid used in the textiles".
Yes, they were the latest fashion...back in the mid-80's and it seems their price tags have appreciated in much greater value than the stock market.
A stall of pure mange is on offer for anyone game enough to want a real fur coat that moults violently with every breeze. The stall holder has a face that declares she hasn't had her distemper shot for some time. She may have even wrestled some of her immediate family for the fur.

No thank you I really can resist the incomplete Thunderbirds launch pad and house toy set as I feel parting with my right arm might be over-paying.

Stall holder, if you're going to flog reproduction 90's trash at antique prices, don't bother glaring at me when I walk away empty handed - you're scaring away small native birds which are your only potential customers.

Ooooo a stall where the bloke is flogging a rare, out of print book for $1...and stoneware bottles for under $15....and ..and..and...
I stop myself mentally adding up the contents of his stall and choose several items.
He is one I shall return to visit happily.

Mills and Boon really do breed apparently,their multitudes of offspring were in evidence at almost every stall.The cardboard boxes in which they lived were worth a fraction more than the books themselves.

Oooo I like those old books...even if the pages are loose and the covers scribbled on..."only" $20 each you say?
Then I shall "only" keep my money in my hot little hand.

Plants everywhere I look; expensive plants, flowery things that have limited life spans in Melbourne. A group of 60-somethings were beginning to start a riot over some annuals as I hurried past...the blue rinse set can get very passionate at times and I didn't need to see another group going topless in protest.

A stall with mulch, manure, compost and all manner of gardening stuff is very quiet, no one buying. It was an omen of the market I should have paid more attention to. Everyone is haggling over the other crap in the market while the valuable crap goes wanting.


  1. We used to go to a huge market at Gepps Cross and sometimes the produce market at Port Adelaide. I used to love the anonymity amongst all the commercial chaos. Hard to leave without buying at least something that you don't really need.

    Having moved, I am still working out where the good markets are in this part of town.

    Great post. As you say, the garden stuff was always fairly priced.

  2. "The scent of mothballs is over-powering at 30 feet"'ve been to the Wyre Archaeology car boot stall...only in our case the moths are still wandering around looking confused.

  3. Sounds like fun!

    There are a few good markets here - but I'm never up early enough on Sundays *sigh* - the best stalls are the people that are just there for the day - not your permanents that turn up every week with the same bedraggled old stuff. way over priced! But you have to be there early....nah!

    So what did you finish up with?


  4. Did you say hi to my sis in law and nieces in their food van at the Frankston Market Jayne?

  5. Sounds like every market I have been to. Except here there are tons of women flogging off stencilled Spotlight wooden crap for 10 times its value.

  6. Yep, Colin, the old home grown plants are the cheapest, the hardiest and best value ;)

    Ahhh now I now why the moth population keeps heading to the southern hemisphere,Brian :P

    A 1938 magazine, the out of print book, some thing to make you all guess at and a Chrissy doll with the extendable hair LOL.

    Nope, not the Frankston market, Andrew, didn't know they had one! Might check it out soon!

    It gets ugly when the local craft group descends on the local market en masse, Kelley :P

  7. Sorry, I misread what you wrote.