Friday, August 1, 2008

Trivial History August 1

There's a bit of everything from the Buffet of Life in today's post but it's all done in the best possible taste (thank you Kenny Everett) with all the usual suspects lined up for your perusal.

Nursing Story # 49,000
For a bit of variety (and money) I worked agency shifts and one evening I found myself at a nursing home with another nurse I'd often worked with at another facility.
The other nurse was quite familiar with the residents and routine so I listened carefully as she led me around on a quick Cook's Tour of the place.
Passing one bedroom I asked why the door was closed even though I could hear a person within.
Grinning from ear to ear she replied,
"Ever wondered what happened to those old street walking working girls when senility hit, the really old, mad, bad and dangerous ones?"
With that she opened the door and it took a few moments for my brain to kick into gear to register what I was seeing.
The sight that met my eyes only needed the backing track from a 70's pron movie to complete the picture of the solo performance.

The other nurse also emphasised that all items should be kept out of reach as they'd had to wash the soft toy teddy numerous times and they'd lost the toothbrush, toothpaste and comb so often it wasn't funny.
Walking out I was stunned and had to ask during the shift if I'd really seen what I thought I saw. The other nurse told me I'd seen nothing till "you walk in to find teddy's legs waving in the breeze".

I didn't hurry back there again. 

Happy Birthday to all the gee-gees all over the world.

Ee by gum, today is Yorkshire Day

1797 Things were pretty crook on board the convict transport ship, the Lady Shore, as the soldiers mutineed, did in the captain and first mate, set any loyalists adrift in a long boat then took themselves off for a sail to Montevideo where, surprise, surprise, the ship was impounded.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Wonder Woman.
Craig Ball appeared in The Adventures of Skippy then went on to appear in McLeod's Daughters.
Michala Banas was a regular on McLeod's Daughters but had earlier appeared in the TV series The Lost World. with William Snow.
William Snow appeared in several episodes of the TV soap The Young and The Restless, which stars Eric Braeden.
Eric Braeden had appeared in several episodes of TV series Wonder Woman which starred Lynda Carter as...Wonder Woman.

1834 A lass didn't need to strain her fair ankles with walking after the passenger coach service between Sydney and Bathurst began.

1905 Grata Flos Matilda Greig burst through the glass ceiling when she became the first female admitted to the Bar in Victoria and the first woman in the whole of Oz to enter the legal profession.

Place name Origin-
Alvie in Victoria is a spot on the map barely 16 kms from Colac and got it's moniker from the birthplace in Scotland of the then Lands Minister, James MacPherson Grant...just to remind him to write home occasionally.

1922 That old favourite Aussie actress Pat McDonald, was found in the Bunyip patch.

1971 Drivers and passengers in NSW were told to belt up! The wearing of seat belts became compulsory throughout the whole state.

Oz Slanguage-
A special one for Evyl.
I wouldn't use him for sharkbait = to describe the low regard one holds for another person.

1984 The banks were deregulated...pretty much says it all, really....

1983 NZ scored their very first Test cricket match victory, in England, against England.

Jockey Johnny Higgerson made himself an easy 50 pounds cash at Windsor (NSW) in 1810. He was given the money before a race to lose but he won.
Holding the money up for all the crowd to see he explained what it was intended for then asked if the owner would step forward to claim it.
The owner never did.

1987 te reo Maori was declared an official language of NZ when the Maori Language Act came into force.


  1. "The sight that met my eyes only needed the backing track from a 70's pron movie to complete the picture of the solo performance."

    Funny you should mention that. Last time I had one of those camera things stuffed up my bottom the surgeon in charge was wearing plumber's dungerees and playing the theme from Shaft on his tape recorder.

  2. I am now covered in coffee. Brian's comment about "Shaft" and picturing poor teddy's legs has sent me into a hysterical fit of the giggles.

    Woman, you so crack me up. :)

  3. Thanks!!! I appreciated that one.

  4. I'm just......... not sure what to say to that.


  5. Ohhh you were going up-market, you posh thing you,getting plumber's dungerees, Brian :P

    Thanks Anja lol.

    You're welcome Evyl ;)

    Andrew, the name Black Hole of Calcutta springs to my mind when I think of it, probably why I didn't tell you :P

    It was really as bad as it sounds, Bettina, lol, and left me somewhat speechless at the time.