Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trivial History August 10

Having enjoyed a tour of Moonlit Sanctuary last night I can highly recommend it to everyone, of all ages.
Fantastic tour, very informative, great fun to watch and feed native nocturnal animals, and to cuddle a carpet python - a snuggly, warm critter I'd gladly hug again!
Yes there were cages, no they didn't lock me up.

Today is the Feast Day of St Lawrence who's last words to the Romans roasting him on a fire were,
" This side is done, you can turn me over now."
Garlic, anyone...?

1840 The British popped over to Akaroa, on Banks Peninsula, to run the Union Jack up the flagpole just to let the ship-load of French colonists know that New Zealand was absolutely, positively, 100%, without a doubt under British sovereignty.

1853 A meeting was held at the Royal Hotel in Sydney for men to stamp their feet and protest in indignation over William Wentworth's proposal for a Bunyip Aristocracy.

1853 While they were shaking their fists at the aristocracy in Sydney, in Hobart they were throwing a party - the Jubilee Festival - to celebrate the fact that no more would the Tassie doorstep be darkened with those dreadfully awful convicts who'd help establish the colony.
Hmm...obviously those party-goers couldn't spell the words 'irony' or 'hypocrisy'...

1857 The oil lamps were put out to pasture as those new gas lamp contraptions began lighting the streets of Melbourne.

1885 A dobbin-drawn tram-way began trotting about the streets of Brisbane and, although it was undoubtedly realiable, it wasn't a contender for the Melbourne Cup.

1901 Realising the true worth of Aussie wines, British Admirality decide that only Oz wine was to be served at their functions and to launch all British warships by belting a bottle of Oz-brewed plonk on the new ship....because....ummm....the taste alone will keep it afloat in any weather...?

1920 No more would the swaggies need to walk as the crow flies as the Princes Highway was opened, linking Sydney to Adelaide via Melbourne.

1932 Feeling that a bit of decoration was in order a statue of Cap Jimmy Cook was officially unveiled in Victoria Square, NZ.

Bit tired and not feeling very clever today due to family - human and animal - concerns, so I'll leave the oddspots, nonsense and stuff till tomorrow.


  1. Sorry about your family concerns : (

    I hope everything gets better soon.

  2. Sorry you've got family worries.

    I saw that Museum Victoria is doing behind the scenes tours this month for members. Looks like much fun.

  3. For someone who's flagging you did a damned fine job dearie.

    It's always funny to me how often the English turn up in your posts [wonder why that should be!]

    I expect that aussie plonk is infinitely superior to British [although that's just a guess with no corroborative evidence in support]

    Be well!

  4. Bwaaaa haaaa haaaaaaa at teh
    " This side is done, you can turn me over now."
    Garlic, anyone...?

    and hugs re the family stuff...

  5. Moonlit Sanctuary is fabulous. We went about three years ago or longer and I thought it looked a bit dodgy, but it was excellent. I especially loved the paddy melons. An owl flew over my head and I could feel the wind from its wings. Highly recommend it.

  6. Thanks for the good wishes, working on people with bribery and blackmail.
    Coz it works so damn well, no matter what the age!

    That would be a great tour to go on, Marita!

    LOL Maddy, no idea, I only use the stuff for drowning meat dishes in ;)

    St Lawrence had a turn of phrase :P

    They're trying to breed up some of the endangered species, Andrew, and we were told to put our hands in the Tawny Frogmouths' mouths lol.
    No sharp beaks, very soft leathery bites ;)

  7. "...great fun to watch and feed native nocturnal animals, and to cuddle a carpet python..."

    Sounds like the All-night Over 60s Wife Swapping Annual Dinner Dance in Blackpool.

  8. The 1853 partiers deserved to have their party crashed. Really hard.

  9. Rumour has it that you were a founding member, Brian :P

    Very hard, Evyl ;)