Monday, August 11, 2008

Trivial History August 11

Having spent all of yesterday torturing educating the Feral Beast about The Sullivans with the DVD, we are now hunting down the series.
Doesn't take much to get hooked on Grace's scones, Dave's 6 o'clock swill, Uncle Harry's bargains that fell off the back of a truck and Mrs. Jessop's gossip again......

Tis the Feast Day of St Araght, an Irish female saint who was alive, kicking and slaying dragons during the 6th century.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Elle Macpherson.
Colin D. Martin appeared in The Adventures of Skippy and appeared in the tele-movie The Pursuit of Honor with Don Johnson.
Don Johnson appeared in Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man alongside Vanessa Williams.
Vanessa Williams appeared in tv series Ally McBeal which starred Portia de Rossi.
Portia de Rossi got her kit off in the movie Sirens in which appeared an equally nuded up Elle Macpherson.

1877 Feeling all flannel-foolish and hankering to bowl a maiden over NZ's Canterbury Cricket Council was established.

Oz Slanguage-
Bagman = swagman
Bagman's Gazette = the mythical source of all the bush rumours running about.

1921 Much to the horror of future residents who didn't live in the area at the time Essendon Airport was opened.
But fear not!
Those future residents eventually moved in and, after exclaiming "Where did that thing come from?!", began bleating about having an airport so close to their house....


First woman member of an Aussie parliament was Edith Cowan in Westralia in 1921.
First woman Labor MP in Oz was Miss May Holman in Westralia in 1925.

First woman member of an Aussie State Cabinet Dame Florence Gillies Cardell-Oliver in Westralia in 1947.
First woman Premier of an Aussie state was Carmen Lawrence in Westralia in 1990.
They breed a tough Sisterhood in the West....

1923 Getting their message across was much easier after today when the Christchurch Radio Society swallowed their prunes and started broadcasting on a regular basis on 3AC.

Place Name Origin -
Angle Vale in South Oz was birthed as a suburb in 1983 and got it's orginal name from the angle formed by the boundary roads.
One of which is named Angle Rd....

1962 NZ's first roll on, roll off ferry, which allowed cars and rail freight cars to cross the Cook Strait, the Aramoana, began rockin' and rollin' from Picton to Wellington.


  1. "Damn this war, Grace" ~Dave Sullivan in the sitting room, listening to the radio.

    When I was younger, I used to stretch my mega long feet, thereby scraping the sides of my shoes. My nextdoor neighbour would say "You're doing a Kitty Sullivan"

    That statement made me seek out the freakin' Sullivans to check out who the hell Kitty Sullivan was. I watched a whole farkin' season before I realised it is in the farkin' intro Kitty Sullivan did the same thing with her feet that I did.

    Damn the Sullivans!

  2. That Dame Florence whatsherface has got a name that's a mouthfull and a half!

    lol @ Anja watching the Sullivans!

  3. Oh the Sullivans - instant transportation back to primary school at the mere mention!

    Darn it was easier achieving sainthood back in the 6th century - complete dearth of dragons has played against the modern runners, I think!

  4. LMAO Anja!
    I'd forgotten all about that lol.

    It's best to try her name with your teeth out, Bettina lol ;)

    I reckon we need more dragons released into the wild these days, Jeanie, just so we can get rid of a few of the war-mongering men-folk and clean up the planet a bit ;)

  5. "Having spent all of yesterday torturing educating the Feral Beast about The Sullivans with the DVD, we are now hunting down the series."

    Hopefully there'll be a big bonfire blazing in your back garden tonight then...

  6. Damn those people who build airports not thinking about residents living in the area a century later.