Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trivial History August 12

After sleeping on the spare mattress on the lounge room floor for the past 3 nights to nurse the elderly dog through pneumonia and listening to The Spouse's snores through 2 solid walls, I'm starting to think I got the better end of the deal!

Dad's Reminiscences -
Dad used to play a great deal of sport when younger - cricket, baseball, football, etc - with a variety of teams from local to church to semi-professional.
After he'd been in New Guinea for over 2 years during WW2 one hot night he and 2 mates were sitting on ammo boxes in just their singlets, shorts and boots with everyone else watching a picture show and sharing a bottle of home-made jungle juice between the 3 of them.
Suddenly Dad felt a tap on his shoulder and, turning around, a very plummy voice asked,
"I say! Didn't you play with St Barnabas?"
Trying to think clearly and struggling to make a connection, Dad remembered he'd played cricket with St Barnabas Cricket Club for several seasons.
"Ahh...yeah, that's right" he replied.
A soft, white hand was plumped into his with the formal introduction of,
"Carnegie Meths, old chap."
The following day, after getting rid of his hangover, Dad remembered playing against this bloke and hunted him out in his tent.
"Are you  xyz?" he asked, to make sure.
After the plummy voice affirmed the name, Dad commented,
"Good job you found me when you did coz I'm still stumped as to how they picked you to play on any bloody cricket team!"
(They got up to no good together in Adelaide after the war...or so the censored versions hint.)

1829 Having a wander about and casting his baby blues across the landscape, Sir James Stirling selected the site for Perth, with Mrs Helen Dance taking her axe to a tree to mark the founding of the future town...coz it wasn't as if they were going to leave many trees standing anyway...

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - David Boreanaz.
Matt Parkinson appeared in The Adventures of Skippy and also in the movie Babe; Pig In The City, along with Mickey Rooney.
Mickey Rooney had, much earlier, appeared in the movie Babes on Broadway with Judy Garland, who later starred in the movie Meet Me In St Louis.
Margaret O'Brien appeared alongside Judy Garland in this movie, with Margaret later appearing in the tv series The New Lassie with Dee Wallace.
Dee Wallace appeared in 1 episode of the tv series Bones, which stars David Boreanaz.

1842 Having thrown up the odd sly grog shanty and a couple of planks across the muddy streets, Marvellous Melbourne was officially incorporated as a Town.

Place name Origin-
Anglesea in Victoria was originally named Swampy Creek.
Which it was.
But it didn't seem to attract the tourists...so they re-branded it after a large lump of land sitting in the sea off the coast of Wales.

1895 The only woman ever hanged in NZ, Minnie Dean, was sent to her maker on this date.

Oz Slanguage-
Mulga madness = describing a person in an unbalanced state of mind after living on his/her Pat Malone (alone) in the outback.

1918 Butchers in their hundreds protested loudly in the streets of Melbourne over the lack of meat.
Housewives were seen stocking up on baked beans.

(Apologies if I've misspelled this name!)
A survey station on a hill in NZ was named on maps as -


  1. re: Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy. Why do they always call it Skippy the Bush Kangaroo when, quite clearly, Skippy was actually a wallaby?

  2. And there I was thinking the spare mattress was in retaliation for the Sullivans!

  3. No, the (small) wallaby was what Nicole Kidman married for a while, you know, the one who bounced all over Oprah's couch?

    The dog doesn't snore anywhere near as badly, Jeanie lol ;)

  4. lol at tom the wallaby!

    Skippy and David........ Sorry, still think kangaroos are a pain in the arse!

  5. He snores THAT badly?

    Now I know why I like dogs more than men... they snore less.

  6. But they taste so nice with a little onion, tomato sauce and grilled lightly on the BBQ, Bettina ;)

    And dogs don't deny that they snore, either Anja lol. They just blink at you and wag their tail to apologise ;)

  7. And I think that place name is also in the record books for being hte longest place name on the planet..... just don't ask me how to pronounce it!