Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trivial History August 13

If I turn the radio up really loud it drowns out The Spouse's snoring.
It also masks the sound of me digging a large hole in the vegie patch.....

If you're a Mollie Dooker, then bust out the left-handed cork screw and raise your left-handed champers glass to celebrate Left Handers Day.

Oz Slanguage-
Bend the elbow = said of someone who likes to drink a fair bit.

1914 The Australian Red Cross was born on this day as a means to raise funds to buy supplies to comfort the Aussie soldiers fighting overseas.

Place Name Origin-
Anna Bay in NSW was originally called Hannah Bay which was, in turn, given the title to remember a boat wrecked there; a boat called the Hannah.
Which is pretty pointless now as they changed the name of the bay...

1921 Dame Nellie Melba packed 'em in at the Sydney Town Hall to warble her way through the first of her many home-coming concerts.

Smithfield, in Qld, won the dubious title of The Wickedest Town in Australia and was also called the Sodom and Gomorrah of Qld. It won these names after the town's founder had his horse shod inshoes made from gold and managed to kill a business partner which sparked off 50 murders inside 1 year.
But in 1878 the whole town was wiped out by a freakish flood and the (surviving) inhabitants upped sticks to Port Douglas rather than rebuild.

1938 In sporting news of the day that left many an Aussie weeping, the All Blacks trounced the Aussies 14 -6 to win the Rugby Union Test Series 3 -0.

By 1870 the Cobb & Co coach network had grown so large that they were harnessing 6,000 horses per day in Vic, NSW and Qld, and the coaches were clocking up 28,000 miles per week.

2005 At the age of only 63 former NZ PM David Lange passed away after a long fight with ill-health, but not before he gave the world some curry with his quips -
"He had more on his mind than his mind could hold"
"I wouldn't call the PM gutless. That's all that's left of him"
When asked: "Prime Minister, I wonder if we might have a brief word about Australia" by a journalist, Lange replied: "Wombat"


  1. Jayne its not called snoring when blokes do it (snore), it's called man breathing. lol. Just been reading your previuos posts and feel somewhat caught up now. Your odd post sounded like a moderb day version of the events in Melbourne aka (Underbelly).

  2. Man breathing?

    There's a cure for that. I've heard it's called the tontine treatment.

  3. that would be correct Anja! lol

  4. lol Angel Gurl. Man breathing is still a hanging offense ;)

    The bugger keeps fighting the recommended treatment, Anja :P

    You must share your techniques, Mistress Bettina lol.

  5. A sharp elbow between the shoulder blades has been know to work on really bad snoring...

    Ah Smithfield - is it just me, or am I the only one imagining the golden horseshoes as the murder weapon?

  6. I'm actually hoping to find a good heavy horseshoe in the shed to start flinging it madly when the Man Breathing starts, Jeanie lol.

  7. Think I'll bend an elbow as a salute to bent elbows.

  8. "Bend the elbow = said of someone who likes to drink a fair bit."

    Could have been worse. I thought it referred to politicians and lawyers myself.

  9. A fine way to spend your time and energy, Evyl ;)

    No, that's RSI of the wrist, Brian :P

  10. Depends how big your pen is, Jayne.