Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trivial History August 14

Whilst enjoying the weekly serving of Spicks and Specks my frontal lobe was fried to a crisp when they showed a song, with full retina burning video clip, that Red Symons (unfortunately) recorded - Sex Appeal.
I've tried searching for it online - if only to share the sheer horror with you all and to have you join me in my brain fart wilderness misery - but alas I failed in my mission to spread the dread lurve.

1829 Getting in early to secure their seats in the Birds' Nest Stadium a group of convicts from Tassie made off with a ship, Cyprus, without asking permission and sailed on their merry way to China.

Probably the most difficult and dangerous section of railway line building in Oz was 12 miles up Barron Gorge, Qld, that included a climb of more than 1,000 ft, in 1886- 1890.

1863 To sweeten the call of joining the Second Taranaki War, meeting nice people and shooting them, the NZ Govt offered free land grants to Aussie volunteers. It worked with 1,475 crossing the ditch before the year was out.

Place Name Origin-
Annandale in NSW was named after the beautifully preserved Annandale House (built 1799) that was bulldozed in 1910.
Yes, we've been blessed with heritage vandals for generations.
I digress....Annandale House was named after Annan in Scotland where the owner of the demolished architecture, Colonel Johnston, hailed from.

1900 The Boxer Rebellion came to a crashing halt in China where 460 Aussies had fought, with 6 being killed.

Oz Slanguage -
Jack of = to be tired of something. IE - I'm well and truly jack of these Olympics.

1924 Cobb & Co coaches rumbled along the tracks no more from Surat to Yuleba in Qld, reining in their steeds and housing the carriages for good after today.

Perhaps the shortest prison sentence handed down in an Aussie court was on July 17, 1919 when newly-wed George Williams , aged 23, was charged with getting spliced to a minor without parental consent and the 17 -yr-old bride Emily was accused of making a false registration.
Justice Cussen sentenced them "to the rising of the court"...then ordered "The court will now rise" !

1945 Just for Daniel and Andrew - The Party Pooper Chairman of the Tramways Board in Melbourne announced that predicted "rowdyism" when the end of the War was announced would make it necessary to cease all trams in Melbourne City after 6.30pm with the all-night trams not beginning until 1am.
Please explain these "all-night trams" ?!

Bugger all and nothing -
The 1908 Melbourne Carnival - interstate football carnival of teams from each state- was known as the Jubilee Australasian Football Carnival to celebrate 50 yrs of footy.
New Zealand competed (for the first and last time) against the various states and soundly thrashed won against NSW and Qld.


  1. Those convicts made me laugh. I am not sure that I would have chosen China. Tahiti is just down the road.

  2. "Jack of = to be tired of something."

    Or in British slang, one 'f' short of something that makes you tired.

  3. Boxer Rebellion............ were they rebelling against their shorts?


  4. They were practicing for the coxless rowing maybe, Colin?

    Flustered, perhaps, Brian ? LOL

    I think it's when the boxer's come out of their corners fighting and play dirty ;)

  5. Red did what? Youtube has no record of it? Praise the goddess.

  6. Yeah, there used to be regular all-night trams in Melbourne - not just on NYE.

  7. It was bordering on soft porn some little dear will find it and upload it

    So, instead of keeping the trams going all night with the increased population and shift workers, they went backwards and removed them?
    Sounds typical.

  8. I too laughed at the convicts heading off to China. The trams trvia I found interesting goodness knows what they would make of rowdiness today lol. As for the Taranaki Wars I never knew about Australians being offered a sweetner let alone coming to NZ to fight in that war.

  9. If ever Mr Symons has something to be ashamed of, it is that video clip.

    I think the 'all nighters' ran until the early seventies. One tram often covered parts of several routes and there was only a driver I believe, no conductor.

  10. Got to wonder if they intended to head for China or were trying for USA, Angel Gurl lol.

    Oh you had your retina's blasted too, Andrew lol !
    Should have the all-nighters running again, certainly a call for them.

  11. I hope their marraige lasted longer than the sentance.

  12. Much relief that you did not manage to find that Red Symons video clip :D