Friday, August 15, 2008

Trivial History August 15

Off to the dentist with the Feral Beast so if you hear some wild screams, screeches and the occasional parrot squawk, don't panic.
That'll just be me seeing the bill!

1820 Getting a little tired of all those hoons on horseback burning horseshoes and leather as they tore up and down the dirt tracks Governor Macquarie issued a curt order to immediately enforce driving on the left-hand side of the road.

Stuff -
The very first American merchant in Sydney was Prosper de Mestre who popped onto these shores in 1818.

1829 Those coming ashore suddenly found pockets full of coins for the tooth fairy when it was decreed that foreign coins would no longer be accepted by the govt.

Place Name Origin-
Annangrove in NSW took it's title from the nearby Annangrove House which was built and named by the son of Colonel Johnston of Annandale fame, who'd been pupped in Annan in Scotland.

1907 Members of the Federal Parliament had a new way to top up their bank accounts when they voted themselves a 50% pay rise.
Pity their workload didn't rise in accordance also.

Oz Slanguage-
Open slather = describing an unlimited opportunity of something.

1945 News of the surrender of Japan reached NZ at 11am, thus this became known as Victory in the Pacific Day (VP Day).This marked the official end of the Second World War. Parades, parties, jocularity and laughter was the order of the day which was mirrored in Australia with the declaration of a public holiday and the Dancing Man became famous for his carefree happy dance down the middle of a Sydney street.

On the way to his son's wedding in 1951 Mr Roper spied a barnacle-encrusted beer keg lying in the mud of Moreton Bay, where it had been submerged after falling from the jetty. Mr Roper fished out the keg and the reception was considered a great success - with the extra beer.

1981 Large numbers of people vented their spleen in protest at Christchurch over the rugby test match between the All Blacks and the Springboks.


  1. Did you know that the 1976 Montreal Olympics were boycotted by some African nations because the IOC wouldn't ban NZ from competing because they played the Springboks.

    I only found that out after looking for pictures of Alex Baumann and Victor Davis.

  2. "Those coming ashore suddenly found pockets full of coins for the tooth fairy..."

    I thought the tooth fairy was supposed to leave money for the tooth, not get paid to take it away. You must be getting confused with recycling firms.

  3. OMG I remember the 81 Springbok Tour. We were a nation divided.

  4. Will you pay my dentist bill too? I am plucking up courage to see the detist about a root canal that has gone wrong. As for the spring box tour, I found out two weeks ago that the springbox were camped up at Eden Park for a week before they played there. They even had an escap tunnel at the park so both teams could exit if things got nasty. Laughing at Mr Roper and his barnicle keg.

  5. Yep, I came across mention of that a few weeks ago Jeanie.

    The tooth fairy has become a stingy old woman and pinches all the coins these days, Brian.
    Or so my tooth fairy told me :P

    I can just remember the media at the time WS.

    I could send the tooth fairy around to you AG..but not the one who visits my purse ;)
    I'm not surprised they needed an escape tunnel!

  6. Dentists scare me. It's their subordinate nurses in frilly dresses that do it.

  7. Ah...that's because you're now dealing with the Denture Fairy as opposed to the Tooth Fairy Jayne. Denture fairies aren't as socialist 'cos it costs them a fortune in Steradent and Gum Fixative.

  8. Our dentist's nurse bosses her boss' around, Reuben. Plus they have a real human skull on display...

    Ahhh now I'm with you Brian! So each time someone in the house leaves their pearly whites in a glass overnight the Denture Fairy helps herself to the pocket change.
    Does Liquid Nails work as denture adhesive?