Saturday, August 16, 2008

Trivial History August 16

 Today is the Feast Day of St Roch, patron saint of bachelors, diseased cattle, those with skin rashes, the Bubonic Plague and tile makers.
Yep...those tile makers are a shifty lot...and as for those bachelors..!

1866 The gossip could run freely between the North and South Islands of NZ when the Cook Strait cable service linked them in chatter.

Oz Slanguage-
Egg-beater = nickname for a helicopter.

1868 Lyttelton Harbour was hit by a Tsunami when the harbour bottom was emptied and was then swept by a huge wave which damaged ships at anchor.

1868 Sydney Harbour was also hit by a Tsunami which damaged many boats, with similar reports coming from Adelaide, Newcastle and Wollongong. The water level in Wollongong Harbour dropped 5 feet in 5 mins leaving many lobsters exposed; many lobster suppers were enjoyed that evening.

The first game of Polo was played at Albert Park, Melbourne in 1875, with the teams recruited from Vice-Regal circles. What oh ! Pip, pip!

1890 Christchurch played the hostess with the mostest when the first inter-provincial soccer match was sprung upon the nation. Canterbury comfortably beat Wellington 2-0.

1944 CORSO (Councils of Organisations for Relief Service Overseas) was formed in NZ to help rebuild the war-torn lives and nations; they provided clothing, funds, dental, medical and welfare personnel for overseas teams.

Place Name Origin-
Apollo Bay in Victoria has changed her attire several times over the years; first known as Middleton this was changed in 1874 to Kambruk, then in 1952 the Powers That Be sensibly gave in to the local's name for the joint - Apollo Bay.
Resistance is futile, after all.

1975 The Aussie Govt returned to the Gurindji people the title of their native lands. Gurindji Blues was written about the Wave Hill walk-off.

1994 While Greenpeace were kept busy rolling me out to sea a whale snuck into the Manning River in NSW and went on a sight-seeing swim upstream till it reached Taree. Enjoying the local hospitality so much the whale over-stayed it's welcome until it was escorted back downstream to the sea on November 24.

So the moral of today, folks, is to stay away from any bodies of water.
And Bubonic Plague carriers.
And whales.
And tile makers.


  1. Does Roch rhyme with crotch? Because that is where I get heat rashes and that would be one hell of a coincidence.

  2. "...patron saint of bachelors, diseased cattle, those with skin rashes, the Bubonic Plague and tile makers."

    He must have lead an interesting life.

  3. We had a Tsunami in Australia? Must have been those damn tile makers fault. Shifting those tectonic tiles...

  4. I thin khe does, Evyl. Blame him for your *ahem* rash ;)

    A very interesting life with those barge pole bruises about his person, Brian lol.

    Exactly, Kelley.
    Or those damn bachelors with time on their hands...;)