Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trivial History August 17

 Short and sweet today , dear readers, as I'm being a lazy cow and hope to be off like a bucket of prawns to visit a little museum with His Feral Beastiness.

During a 1920's cricket match between Camden and Campbelltown in NSW bowler H. Longley took 6 wickets with 6 balls, two catches being taken by his 73 yr old father.

1839 The NZ Company ship Tory popped in to Queen Charlotte Sound to have a wee dram of fresh H2o and to pick up some firewood before sailing into the sunset for Wellington Harbour.

Place Name Origin-
Appin in NSW was dubbed so by Gov Macquarie in 1811 to remind his missus of the tiny coastal village in Scotland where she was hatched.

1903 Exciting news for butchers but not so for the quadrupeds was the opening of the City abattoir at Sockburn, NZ.
Pass the gravy...!

Oz Slanguage-
Earwig = to eavesdrop on others' conversation.

1953 That gorgeous and talented Aussie actress who gave more animation to Big Ted on Playschool than any other presenter, Noni Hazlehurst was found in the Bunyip patch.

The first greyhound track in Oz was built at Forest Lodge, Epping  (now known as Harold Park ) in 1927.


  1. I have heard inmates referring to eaves dropping as ear stole. To use in a sentence. 'He ear stole the info. Let's shank the punk.'

  2. "H. Longley took 6 wickets with 6 balls"

    I trust he brought 'em back again.

  3. LOL That's an entirely new way to phrase it, Evyl.

    No he didn't Brian, and the bugger's still on the run!