Monday, August 18, 2008

Trivial History August 18

Have been a busy bee planting spuds and....ummm....crocheting.....and...err....warming the couch with my backside....
Oh and I took FB to a great little museum yesterday about which I shall write a blog entry in Lost & Found this week.
Back to warming that couch again....

1227 Genghis Khan popped his clogs, not from a great battle or in arm-to-arm combat...but from falling off his trusty steed.

Oz Slanguage-
No wucking furries = a reply when asked to do something.

1832 Trying to kick his missus and daughters out of the family home, while believing that the son-in-law was trying to slip him more than cod liver oil in his food, saw John Macarthur locked up in his library and formally declared insane.
At least he could read to pass the time...

Place Name Origin-
Applecross in Westralia wasn't named after bad-tempered fruit or by someone playing noughts and crosses on their snacks but by Sir Alexander Matheson who'd been pupped in the small village of Applecross in Scotland.

1854 When the SS Great Britain rocked into Port Phillip outbreaks of Smallpox were found on board. After quarantine was over, on September 7th, the crew let off fireworks to celebrate which led the lovely, paranoid folk of Port Phillip to think that the Russians were invading their coastal idyll.
The Russians, though, seemed to be busy elsewhere at the time.

A Melbourne schoolboy won instant national fame in 1975 when he proved he could move his ear 18 mm while his head remained perfectly still.

1966 The Battle of Long Tan was a victory for the Aussie troops in the Vietnam War and today is marked as Long Tan Day, Vietnam Veteran's Remembrance Day

Hoop snakes, Drop Bears and Yowies are the scary Oz wildlife the travel brochures don't warn you about.

1971 Both Aussie and NZ Govts announced they would begin withdrawing troops from the Vietnam War before the end of the year.


  1. How does one discover they can move their ears 18mm? That kid must have been the life of the party.

  2. Yowies aren't real Jayne. You shouldn't scare people away from visiting Oz.

    Probably not great to mention hoop snakes and drop bears either. The statistics indicate only a minor chance of a random attack, although backpackers do seem a bit more vulnerable.

  3. Imagine what happened when that kid discovered beer and girls, Anja ...!!!

    It's the Vegemite they carry in their backpacks, Andrew, that attracts them ;)
    I spoke to a Yowie just the other day and he said humans were just a figment of his imagination...

  4. warming the couch sounds like a very good pastime to me LOL I wish I could do more of it.
    BRRR here today .

  5. Hmm I wonder if 3mm counts for anything. Mind you I've never really measured!
    Best wishes

  6. sounds like exactly the kinds of activities I'd have been engaging in had I stayed home for the weekend... oh wait! they are on the agenda for this weekend :)

  7. "A Melbourne schoolboy won instant national fame in 1975 when he proved he could move his ear 18 mm while his head remained perfectly still."

    Those long winter evenings in Melbourne must just fly past.

  8. Chilly all over, Trish...except where the crocheted rug smothers me lol.

    I'll keep a spare spot on the couch for you Bettina :P

    What day is it again, Brian ...?

  9. As it is also my mother's mumble-ty birthday, I haven't been on the blog-tour to say g'day to peoples.

    So g'day - and no wuckers.