Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trivial History August 2

Another Saturday, another lawn to hide from while you try to put your feet up and catch the dreck on the idiot box...or you could hunt down that book you've been meaning to read for the past 3 years!

Nursing Story # Gazillion + 1
One psychiatrist we dealt with in the country hadn't admitted his patients to a mixed hospital before but was happy to do so, referring them to medical physicians when the need arose.
Most of the staff had met him throughout the first week or so and he seemed quite nice and polite but this soon changed. To some staff who greeted him in passing he was rude, abrupt or simply ignored them altogether -we figured he was going through male menopause or something.
One day he called a particular nurse into a private office and proceeded to rip into her, stating he was taking his complaint to the DON over her attitude towards his patients in the daily reports.
She came to me immediately and I checked the written reports but found nothing untoward. I paged the NUM and explained the situation to her; she also checked every written report and found nothing to warrant such a complaint.
She phoned the psychiatrist and he returned to the hospital, bristling with indignation, and the NUM took him into a private office to get to the bottom of this problem.She briefly emerged to call the nurse into the room.
Shortly afterwards they all came out, the nurse looking very relieved, the NUM smiling and the psychiatrist looking very sheepish.
Because it had been practice in some city hospitals, many years before, to abuse difficult patients with acronyms like TBD = totally brain dead, WOME = waste of medical expertise, etc this psychiatrist had assumed our nursing shorthand was hiding abuse of his patients; SOB=shortness of breath, BO = bowels opened,GIT = gastrointestinal tract, etc, but he'd thought we were calling them names and stating that they smelled.

Once we clued him up, he turned out to be a nice stuffed shirt! 

Today is the Feast Day of St Basil The Blessed who streaked around Moscow nekkid in chains, stealing food from shops to give to the poor.

A correction printed in a New Zealand newspaper read - 'Mai Thai Finn is one of the students in the programme and was in the centre of the photo. We incorrectly listed her name as one of the items on the menu'.

1807 William Blue was an enterprising bloke who advertised his services as a ferry man on Sydney Harbour on this very day.

Aussie Love of Pubs-
Ever wondered about Exploration Lane in Melbourne? No? Neither have I but it too was named after a nearby pub, the Exploration Hotel that wetted the whistle of many a passing chap in Little Lonsdale St, which in turn gained it's name from that debacle of a trek Burke and Wills undertook.

1851 Gold discovered some bloke picking away at it in Ballarat while it was innocently lying in the ground and minding its own business. A rush of gentlemen arrived shortly afterwards to rescue other gold from the chilly ground.

Oz Slanguage-
Galah occasion = any formal event that demands formal attire (as in a gala occasion).

1983 Paul Sharp went out for a leisurely stroll one day and became the first white chappy to cross the Simpson Desert on foot and all on his lonesome.

Place Name Origin-
Amaroo in NSW took it's title from the pastoral station in the area of the same name. The word comes from an Aboriginal word meaning either "beautiful place","rain" or "red mud" ...which you probably have when you combine the last two.

1983 When the ship the USS Texas sailed into Auckland massive anti-nuclear protests erupted on both land and sea, making visits by nuclear ships an election issue the following year and the ships were later banned by the David Lange Govt.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - God.
James O'Neill appeared in several episodes of The Adventures of Skippy then in the yet-to-be-released movie Truth Has Fallen.
In that movie Emperor Frederick Von Seidl appeared as himself but he acted in another movie yet-to-be-released called State of Play which co-star's Ben Affleck.
Ben Affleck appeared in the movie Dogma in 1999 which had a cameo of Alanis Morissette appearing as...God.

1986 The National Gallery of Victoria had a mild weep when it was discovered that some smarty pants tea leaves had nicked Pablo Picasso's Weeping Woman....but they needed have worried, the thieves had thoughtfully stored the then-worth $1.6 million pitcha in a locker at Spencer St train station.How kind!

New Zealand contains more bookstores per head of population than any other country....I am sooo gonna go check out these bookstores one day!


  1. Those acronyms are still used. *sniggers*

  2. "Today is the Feast Day of St Basil The Blessed who streaked around Moscow nekkid in chains, stealing food from shops to give to the poor."

    I take it the nakedness and the chains weren't an official part of his socialist agenda, but an optional extra?

  3. I am so loving your nursing stories.

  4. I figured they were, Anja LOL.

    Thanks, CL.

    They were part of his lunchtime mime performance, Brian.

    Thanks WS :)