Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trivial History August 20

I finally managed to pull my finger out and write a Lost & Found post which you may peruse HERE.
Lots of boring, dull, dismal and drear events were sifted from today's's post is exceptionally short to save you from hitting your head on your keyboard when you fall asleep.

Weird things that happened in our street -
Across the road and about 5 houses down there was a block of units beside an old house. The bloke who bought the house in the mid-70's was an out-and-out nutter ; he'd throw things at the kids who lived in the units so walking up the driveway became a race.
Tarzan, as we dubbed him, took to wearing the tiniest pair of purple budgie smugglers while sunbathing on his corrugated iron roof and keeping a pile of rocks handy to chuck at the kids as they walked past. Parents had complained but in those days the police weren't interested and this nutter would arc up on adults who dared approach him.
One day my friend J came home from school and was reading through her notes for an exam the next day when she forgot to run up the driveway. Tarzan had a new trick - standing on the roof with the hose and spraying everyone with water.
J's school uniform and bag were soaked, the exam notes almost ruined (her quick thinking mum ironed the notes dry) and her father came home soon after to find her in tears.
J's dad was an easy going bloke but his dander was up; he stormed out to Tarzan's front garden, ripped the hose off the tap, wrenched it out of the nutter's hands and began pelting him with all the pebbles he could find while asking Tarzan how he liked it.
Tarzan whined to the police who finally came out to question everyone - all of the street were only too happy to tell the police exactly what had been going on.
Tarzan was given an official warning but he got the sulks, put the house on the market a few weeks later and moved out before it was sold.
He'll never know how many giggles we've had remembering those bloody awful purple budgie smugglers!

1860 The oldest continually functioning choral group in The Land of The Long White Cloud began fluttering up and down the vocal scale today ; although originally known as the Canterbury Vocal Society these days it's called the Royal Christchurch Musical Society.

Oz Slanguage-
Murphy = nickname for a spud aka potato.

1860 Burke and Wills plodded off on their disastrous journey from Melbourne's Royal Park to see what they could see....right after they bought some camels from George Coppin's Cremorne Gardens in Richmond.

Bluey the sheepdog and his owner lie side by side in a grave at Pindarra, NSW. Bluey died from snakebite and,after his owner buried him, he went looking for the culprit but the snake got him first...

1861 The Parliamentary Library in the Victorian Parliament House was opened for the pleasure of the members.
*waves to all those popping in via the Parliamentary Library* You can subscribe, ya know!

One of the least known Oz sports is Sphairee, played on a court 20 ft x 9 ft with table tennis bats. It was invented by Mr Beck of the NSW Education Dept in 1962 and has enjoyed moderate popularity over the years.


  1. "The bloke who bought the house in the mid-70's was an out-and-out nutter ; he'd throw things at the kids who lived in the units..."

    That's not being a nutter. That's just taking sensible precautions.

  2. *...and inside them were really neat writing.*

    this modern age is so lacking, *grin* no hours of penmanship. enjoyed the link

  3. never heard of that so called sport. Must be popular indeed ;)

    Love your neighbour story

  4. Somehow I can't see you on the roof in purple Speedos, Brian !

    Thanks Elizabeth. I kidded FB that his handwriting had to be as neat as that and he nearly had a fit lol.

    Neither have I, Bettina lol.
    Thanks :)

  5. I think there's a rule about childhood. You must at some point have a scary crazy neighbor who hates children.

  6. So I take it that it is wrong to chunk rocks at children? What a strange land that you live in.

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  8. We've had a few crazy neighbours Dina...I think they were shifted into our street lol.

    Conkers work just as well, Evyl lol.

    I'm tagged???
    *wanders off to which what I'm tagged for exactly*

  9. what a nutter he was and ewwww at budgie smugllers let alone the colour of them. Makes you wonder why they turn out the way they do, as he sounded like he was a few sammies short of a picnic.

  10. He had that brown, leathery skin of a constant sun bather, Janine,on the skinny side and long-ish hair of the 70's but he must have been in his 40's or 50's so the Speedos didn't add to the glamour lol.