Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trivial History August 21

 Another day to be spent consuming the innards of the State Library.
Bon appetit!
*Bucketing rain has put a nail through my foot so I shant be dining on the goodies at the State Library today but will be on a diet of crochet, interwebs and Seachange.
Coz I loves me some William McInnes *growl*

Weird things that happened in our street -
Everyone has to have known a kid like D; youngest son of 5 brothers, always getting up to mischief every other day, always trying new things even if it's possibly life threatening.
Remember the old black and white Superman TV series, starring George Reeves that was on in the afternoons in the 70's?
You know what's coming.
Well D decided the garage roof was the best spot for him to launch his new flying career and debut the cape he'd made from his mother's bedsheet.
End score - 1 ambulance screaming down the street, 2 broken legs, 1 broken wrist, 1 ruined bedsheet...and every kid and their parents eyeballing the lastest disaster D created.
Kept him out of mischief for all of 1 week!

1806 Things were so crook in the tucker department at Hobart that the prisoners were allowed to go forth and hunt Skippy for their meals.
You can almost smell the pepper and mushroom marinade.

Stuff -
The first post office savings bank in Oz was opened in West Oz in 1863.

1920 That little boy who romped in the 100 acre wood with Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, was pupped.

Oz Slanguage-
What's the damage? = how much do I owe you?

1958 The good folk of Auckland began doing the Barnes Dance, where traffic is halted in all directions and allows pedestrians to tap dance their way across intersections in any direction they so choose.

Kevin Tylerman from Coonamble, NSW, honoured a bet and crawled (with his hands and knees padded in thick foam) almost 22 and a half kms.

1991 St Elmo's Fire was an average 80's movie that didn't blow anyone away but the real St Elmo's fire blew up 6 tanks of chemicals on Coode Island in Melbourne.

Place Name Origin-
Arafura Sea, that charming stretch of water that drifts merrily between the northern coastline of Oz and New Guinea, got it's name from a Portuguese word "arafuras" which means "free men", which is what the tribes of the Aroe Islands were dubbed.


  1. Kept him out of trouble for a week.......

    I bet his mother never quite recovered!!

  2. "That little boy who romped in the 100 acre wood with Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, was pupped."

    "Pooh," said Piglet.
    "Piglet!" said Pooh.
    "Pooh!" said Christopher Robin,
    And then he did do.

  3. By that time she was happy if he was still breathing at the end of the day, Bettina lol.

    Oh er noice, Brian!

  4. sucky I typed a message and it vanished, or I could say I wrote my message in invisible writing. Anyway I wrote about "D" and how secretly didn't we all want to do that? Well I hoped my two younger brothers would have lol. I also never knew that those intersections were called the barnes dance. I remember when I first moved to Wellington I was amazed by them ( I came from a small town where a roundabout in a road was a big deal)and traffic lights were something that existed in the cities and on TV lol.

  5. oh dear, that superman story, that will be my youngest, Mr Fearless (his brother Mr FearFUl will be on the ground yelling at him to stop).
    TWO broken legs? Yikes. If there was no pain involved and just a flying boy in a bedsheet maybe it could be funny.

  6. Oh yeah, Janine, I so wished I had half of D's spirit at times lol.

    Goldie D would never admit if he was in pain when he was in casts - that wasn't the first or the last time he broke bones lol.

  7. As usual you teach me things I did not know about my adopted country even though I have now been here longer than I lived in UK - suffice to say it is a long time.
    Have you considered adding your Oz Slanguage sayings to a page of their own - I would enjoy regularly reading that.