Friday, August 22, 2008

Trivial History August 22

 Another glorious day of doing much from the couch.

Weird things that happened in our street-
When Mum and Dad first moved into this house an older resident of the street treated my mother to graphic tales of the chap who was found hanged and shot (they were making certain!) in the old kero-tin-lined shed in our backyard.
Mum forever gave the shed a wide berth, claiming it gave her the willies.
About 6 or 8 months after they'd moved in the police were chasing a robber through people's yards and demanded entrance to their backyard as the robber was seen climbing over the neighbour's fence.
Jumpy and nervy, Mum blurted out,
"Oh you can't go in the shed, that's where the dead man's hanging!"
Needless to say, the police immediately became suspicious thinking they'd lost a robber and found a self-confessed murderer and they insisted on searching the shed.
They were most disappointed not to find any grisly remains strung from the rafters!

565 St Columba was strolling along the banks of Loch Ness, minding his own business when he chanced upon a group of Picts trying to bury a bloke who'd been done a nasty mischief by the Monster in the Loch.
St Columba brought the man back to life, just like Widdle Shamrock working her magic on the mouse.

Oz Slanguage-
My stomach thinks me throat's cut = a phrase made in passing when one is famished for food.

1843 Martin Cash learnt a valuable lesson today - when a bushranger on the run, don't go seeking revenge when the mistress does a bunk. Marty was caught and sent on a holiday, for the next decade, to Norfolk Island.

Place Name Origin-
Aramac in Qld gained it's moniker from the explorer William Landsborough who, in 1895, carved the initials of his friend, Robert Ramsay McKenzie, on a tree at the site of the future town which gave it the name - R.R Mac = Aramac.

1894 Rev. Edgar, of the Wesleyan Church in Melbourne fame, was in hot water when he was called to the bar of the Legislative Assembly Chamber ( no,not the bar serving spirits) over his sermons that *gasp* dared to criticise the alleged partying members of the Victorian Parliament and their alleged jocularity during the disappearance of the Parliamentary mace in an alleged brothel.
The brothel was found...the mace, alas, was not.

The first Government House that stood in Auckland was built in England, dismantled and shipped to NZ aboard the ship Hyphemia in 1840, where it was reassembled and served as a residence for 8 years.

1925 NZ's first public radio company was incorporated in Christchurch as the Radio Broadcasting Company of NZ.

The first charitable organisation established in Oz was "The New South Wales Society for promoting Christian Knowledge and Benevolenve in these Territories and Neighbouring Islands" in 1813.

1969 The very first Young Farmer of The Year, Gary Fraser, was plucked from The Young Farmers' Club at the South Pacific Hotel in Auckland.


  1. My stomach thinks me throat is cut... I love it.

  2. I love how local oldies love to tell all the grisly history as soon as you move in. A similar thing happened to my parents except he went through the creepy history of half the street.

  3. Do you have a little room on the couch?

    How come you skipped skippy today?

    Thanks for my giggle.

  4. I use that phrase all the time. It is one of my faves and I use it almost as much as my absolute fave saying. 'I need to shit like a big eyed bird.'

  5. I'm often prattling that at morning tea Anja ;)

    Oh yes, LiD, the grisly tales spring up everywhere lol.

    Plenty of room on the couch, Maddy!
    Skippy's having a rest...on the BBQ hotplate ;)

    I hope you're not swinging from overhead power lines when you say it, Evyl :P

  6. "The brothel was found...the mace, alas, was not."

    The mind boggles. Presumably some of those seamstresses were extremely old hands, so to speak.

  7. I suspect there's an ancient politician out there somewhere Jayne walking bowlegged.

  8. I moved to Melbourne back in 2000. First day I arrived here my then boyfriend (now hubby) took me on a tour of all the spots people had got murdered.

    Made me wonder what I was getting myself in for.

  9. They all walk that way Brian lol.

    You should try the haunted tour of Melb, Marita, a bit less gruesome and very funny in parts. Not too many murders in that ;)