Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trivial History August 23

 Another Saturday, another chance for me to bury He Who Imitates A Chainsaw In His Sleep somewhere in the vegie garden.
If I could just find the energy...and have a nana nap....and if the creepy over-the-back-fence-neighbour isn't perving on our yard again....

Nursing Story- Nursing can be a right pig of a job sometimes....

One nursing home I worked at offered respite care in 2 or 4 week placements. One 4 week admission was this nice old duck who was a little wandery, no short term memory to speak of but ok for walking and feeding herself.
The first evening she was there we quickly realised she was a sun-downer and did our best to calm and reassure her. I called the GP several times, leaving messages, as this patient had no sedation orders and she was revving herself up into such a state that she'd be likely to do herself a nasty mischief over-night.
While we were waiting to hear back from the GP we assisted the other residents into bed, us up one end of the facility with the other nurses down the other end.
I was standing in the doorway of one single room when I happened to see a movement out of the corner of my eye - it was the respite patient coming at me with a walking stick raised above her head.
I quickly shut the door to the room, effectively locking us 2 staff in with another resident.
The walking stick was battered on the door with the demands of "Let me IN! Let me in NOW!"
I looked at the other nurse and got the giggles.
I yelled back,
"Not by the hair of our chinny chin chins,"
This, for some reason, was not received well judging by the increased bashing on the door.
As the buzzer was out of order in this room, we called up the front office on the telephone and reported that we were stuck in the room. Next thing we hear are the other nurses and kitchen staff calming the respite patient by giving her bacon and eggs for supper.
As we came out the respite patient pointed to us and asked "You didn't get this bacon from those nasty old sows, did you?"
The GP just couldn't understand why we were cackling like demented chickens when he finally called back.

1305 Sir William Wallace just really wasn't having a good day when he was hung, drawn and quartered in London.
He should have stayed in bed...

1814 Johm Pascoe Fawkner - he who was the co-founder of Bearbrass aka Melbourne - was in a bit of a pickle when he was caught trying to help convicts escape from that pleasure spot Tassie, and on this day he was given the ever so delightful present of 500 lashes and 3 years gaol at Newcastle.

1895 The Wild Scotchman (shouldn't that be Scotsman?) aka bushranger James Alpin McPherson was bailed up off this mortal coil.

1909 Long Bay Gaol flung open it's bowels for business as a female reformatory with blokes not trotted over from Darlinghurst Gaol until 1912.

1921 Brisvegas had a nasty outbreak of the Bubonic Plague that it didn't shake until April 1922, resulting in 64 deaths.

1947 The first ship-load of post-war assisted immigrants from Great Britain stepped ashore at Auckland, all 118 of them having travelled aboard the Rangitata.

1966 Vincent Lingiari led the Gurindji people in their famous walk-off of Wave Hill station in the Northern Territory and commenced their 7 year strike against below poverty wages and conditions. Click HERE to read the full story.

2003 Captain Blood aka that infamous Aussie Rules player Jack Dyer went beyond the goal posts on this day.


  1. I LOVE that story! I can just picture the two of you holding that door shut, laughing like hyenas...

  2. Too funny.

    I think I'd be bribed out of a homicidal rage with bacon and eggs also :grin:

  3. Not far from where I grew up was "Scotty's Knob" - where the Wild Scotchman used to hide until the mail coach came by.

    I remember sundowners with both my grandmother and my child - not fun in either instance!

  4. Yep, Les, we were LOL.

    Bacon and eggs are THE best food for homicidal rages Marita ;)

    Sundowners can be mentally draining Jeanie.

  5. Cackling? Not crackling?

    What a 'sun downer' dearie.

    Yours the freckly one.


  6. LOL Maddy, no we were very much cackling ;)
    A sun downer was, originally, a swagman who'd turn up at a farm house for a food handout at sun down but in nursing circles it's someone with dementia who behaves relatively ok during the day but becomes very agitated at sun down and into the night.

  7. Sundowners, egads.

    I turned my back on 42 kilos of sweet old dementia patient once and received one of the old style metal water jugs to the back of the head.

  8. "1305 Sir William Wallace just really wasn't having a good day when he was hung, drawn and quartered in London."

    Well, if he was going to go round looking like Mel Gibson and making people feel sick he probably deserved it.

  9. OUCH, Anja!

    That's not a pretty sight at all, Brian *gag*

  10. "sundowners"? mm, and here's me thinking it was taking a tot or two (out of a glass, dammit, not child molestation) after the sun went down. Reminds me of ye olde notion of not drinking until the sun was over the yard-arm. Interesting concept to us more modern sailors who understand that the world is a globe .. the sun is always over the yard-arm - somewhere in the world .. heh.