Monday, August 25, 2008

Trivial History August 25

 We have a new member of the possum mafia. She moved into the yard last night.
She's actually quite cute and has more personality that her brush-tailed cousins.
She's a very sweet-faced ringtail possum whom The Spouse caught on camera. Actually she posed for him.
I'll try to upload the pic later on, having a few program issues with my new pc - it kept laughing itself silly over my prehistroic printer and scanner.
Bloody things are self-aware.

Weird things that happened in our street -
D - he of garage leaping fame - had several older brothers but the one closest to him in age, A, was a real doozy. Cute, smart and full of daring he'd try anything for laughs.
To this day their former house has only 1 chimney...this is directly due to A.
A had seen these rescues exhibited on a school excursion where a rope secured around a solid object assisted a bloke to climb up rugged cliff faces.
So A thought this would be ideal to try out on the chimney at home.
Rope securely in place - check.
Mattress dragged off his (poor suffering) Mum's bed for safety - check.
Audience of all the kids in the street -check.

Mortar worn away from between bricks leaving nothing holding the chimney in place above the roofline - CHECK!
Barely 2 feet off the ground and both A and the bricks met the ground in a hurry.
I still have no idea what he told his mother about the tumbled chimney ...or the dirty footprints all over her mattress!

Today was the harvest festival of the Roman Earth Goddess, Ops Consiva, with Vestal Virgins performing rites to continue the fertility of the bountiful Earth.
Guess that let's me and every teenager off the hook for work today...

Oz Slanguage-
Sky pilot = a nickname for a clergyman.

Suffering from chilblains this Winter?  Snowed under a showering of dandruff?
Then don't hesitate - call on St Genesius of Arles now, the patron saint of chilblains and scurf.

Place Name Origin-
Aranda in the ACT (Aust. Capital Territory) got it's name from a Central Australian Aboriginal tribe often known as Arunta.
Not that the ACT is anywhere near Central Oz...

1852 Excitement gripped the populace as the first clods of dirt were flogged off to the highest bidder in Ballarat.

If not for the lethargy and "can't do" attitude of Louis Antoine de Bougainville, Oz would have been settled by the French in 1678. But Louis was a tad over-whelmed with the coral reefs and filed it in the too hard basket, leaving it for Jimmy Cook to pick his way through them nearly 100 years later.

1920 Excitement gripped those craning their necks and Captain Euan Dickson as he winged his way from Christchurch to Trentham in what was the first human flight over the Cook Strait.

Another little-known sport of Oz is Vigoro, a female sporting game resulting from inter-species breeding between cricket and baseball.
*After Googling it and finding it's alive and well in many states I now expect some sharp emails from the champions! (ducks)

1948 Excitement of a different sort gripped NZ when it's deadliest tornado hit Frankton, leaving 3 dead and a damages bill of (in today's dollars) of $63 million.

Aussie Love of Pubs-
Kitz Lane in Melbourne, that runs off Little Collins St, was knighted thus to recall to our minds the wine merchant Louis Kitz who answered the calls of the palates with stores in Bourke and Collins Sts.

1969 Excitement gripped bank tellers as the 12 sided 50 cent piece made it's grand entrance into pockets, replacing the round 50 cent piece.


  1. man that family cracke me up, did A and D have any sisters? Did mum have any non adventureous children? Laughing at our her matress was used. Thise boys do seem to have a fixation with that roof.

  2. Fascinating history you write about - just the odd sort of things I love! I really like your blog...thanks for commenting on Virtual Dime Museum, too!

  3. I need to do some major praying to this Saint Genesius of Aries.

  4. Nope, no sisters, Janine, 5 boys but the older 2 were off at work, the next one was at high school so the younger 2 got up to mischief.
    And gave their mother grey hair lol.

    Thanks Lidan, I enjoy reading your history blog too :)

    I've been yodelling his name with my chilblains this Winter, Dina.

  5. ...patron saint of chilblains and scurf - what did he do to deserve that dubious saintly honour!! :-)

    I think I am glad I do not have neighbours with boys like that although we did have teenager boys next door revving their cars excessively at disgusting times of the morning and I am not sure which would be worse.

  6. That is one fun family. Poor mum, though.

  7. We certainly knew we were alive when they lived in the street, Sue lol.

    Their mum moved to the other side of Oz when they were all grown, Anja, far away from them. Think she was trying to say something? LOL.

  8. Ouch, a chimney on the head!

    Hmmm... new possum mafia member, eh? Bet the rainbow lorikeets sent her as a liaison!

  9. He was lucky he didn't get hit by the bricks but only by a bee's dick lol.
    Yes, those feathered fiends have been circling, too, Naomi!