Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trivial History August 26

Spent the early evening watching the new possum mafia chickybabe swinging with the greatest of ease in the neighbour's tree; we strongly suspect that there's a tenant in her pouch already.

Mischief I've been up to -
An op shop I've been shopping at for almost 30 years has, over the past 18 months under a new manager, ramped up the prices of their donated goods to the point that not only are they asking higher than antique dealers prices for utter crap but they've driven away their usual customers.
The straw that broke the proverbial camel's back was over-hearing the manager whining yesterday that no one would buy a (SECONDHAND) pair of men's pj's she'd "reasonably priced" at $6, and how she "had to keep the good stuff back to send to the auction rooms to make sure they got a good price".

So I rang the charity's head office and told them that-  $3 per tatty romance paperback, $4 per scratched vinyl LP record, $8 for a spice tin (missing a lid), $20 for a carving fork, $45 for a shabby woman's jacket (no fashion label of note), $7 per stained serviette, $4 per falling apart kid's book etc, was just damn ridiculous and far above what even a licensed second hand or antique dealer would consider "reasonable".
From the reaction I received on the phone this might have been an issue raised before but not from outside the charity; I was thanked profusely and promised that the person overseeing the op shops would investigate straight away.
Coz if they aint shifting the stock then the charity aint getting a cent to assist the kids they help. 
But the manager is still getting her regular wage....

1835 Gov Bourke, being a right berk, threw a tanty and declared Batman's treaty with the Port Phillip Aborigines to be invalid, also that any settlers in the area were to be regarded as trespassers.
*Interestingly though Batman's Treaty was the first, and only, formal recognition of the Aborigines as original owners of the land, in the whole of European settlement.

The Ruined City of Arnhem Land is an expanse of sandstone near Phelp River, NT, that has been weathered into unsual patterns, and has been called one of the wonder's of the world.

1883 The volcano Krakatoa really spat the dummy and blew her stack. The explosion was heard 3,540 kms away in Oz. Click HERE for more details.

Oz Slanguage -
Smack a blue = to run into trouble.

1894 The second Maori king, Tukaroto Matutaera Potatau Te Wherowhero Tawhiao, passed away.

Place Name Origin-
Ararat in Victoria got it's name from the first settler, Horatio Wills, who clambered up it's peak in 1841 to see what he could see. Horatio named it Mount Ararat because, just like the Ark, he had to rest there.
You'll be pleased to know he's not resting there anymore....

1932 In the midst of the Great Depression the basic wage in NSW dropped from 4 pounds 2 shillings and 6 pence to a miserly 3 pounds 10 shillings.

Shearer Jack Harvey from Qld won a bet when sheared a sheep, killed it, sliced it up, cut a nice chop out of it, grilled it and ate it with relish = all in 8 minutes.

1939 NZ's first pensioner housing was officially opened in Barnett Ave, Sydenham.

 Weird thing-
The first track and field events in Oz were actually the long distance record attempts (with many side bets, of course) by odd characters such as The Flying Pieman.

1986 NZ farmer's in Canterbury lost $2.8 million when the chilly wet weather caused an extremely high lamb loss.


  1. yeah I just dont get that mentality of op shops, because at the end of the day they want to be making $$$$ and getting stuff out the door. What makes me angry is that the manager still gets a wage for this mismangement.

  2. Exactly Janine!
    They get the goods for free but every day they clutter up the shelves costs money and sending them to auction costs money, too.
    There's stock in that particular op shop that has been sitting there for at least 6 months, same price, not moving.

  3. Those prices are ridiculous.

    Although it's hard for me to tell because for me, EVERYTHING seems very expensive in Australia.

    What do things usually cost??

    At the thrift store I shop at, most clothing items are 3.99. Very simple stuff or stuff not in the best condition is 1.99. Very nice stuff is about 5.99.

    That's just the clothes. I usually don't buy other stuff.

    The store you talk about kind of reminds me of our Used Bookstore. It's called "Half Priced Books". I support it because it's the only used bookstore I know of near here. And I think it's good to buy used books rather than new ones.

    BUT they're books are not that cheap. And if you sell your books there, you get only about 10% profit.

    It's really bad compared to other used bookstores I've been to.

  4. Love the coverage you're giving the new possum neighbours.... over here, they'd probably already been made into a hat or gloves or something! LOL

  5. Price of clothes varies from store to store, Dina but your figures are a rough ball-park figure we pay, depending on the store and condition of the clothing.

    LOL Thanks Kelly ;)

  6. They should sack that manager and employ volunteers only, like at Vinnies. That'll teach her!

  7. I must admit that the store ran like clockwork when it was staffed with volunteers, MD.
    Love me the Vinnie's stores :)

  8. Good work on the Op Shop.

    Many places have to employ staff these days because there just does not seem to be enough volunteers to go around.