Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trivial History August 27

 We have a large flock of wild doves hanging about, scavenging the spilled chook food.
One particular dove has got more front than Myers and has watched us put the chook feed container away in the shed, then plotted it's way into the shed, intent on filling it's belly.
3 times now we've sprung the greedy little bugger in the shed, yesterday I had to pin the door open with an occy strap and invite the cheeky thing out.
It eventually accepted my oh-so-kind request and exited after much contemplation of the feed.
The Spouse has to tidy up the shed soon - I'm just waiting for him to discover umpteen dove nests and a stray ringtail possum living in the damn thing!

 If you're a troubled bride or widow, call on St Margaret The Barefooted for help on this her Feast Day.
Though I don't think she can really assist much with the bridal bouquet....

It's also Petroleum Day in Texas, so go forth and celebrate it by scraping together the coins from down the back of the couch to put a dribble in your petrol tank.

Oz Slanguage -
When the eagle shits = a nickname for payday.

1904 The foundation stone for Victoria University of Wellington was laid today.
Lucky stone!

45 million years ago Oz separated from other land masses, leaving animals isolated and forced to evolve into the unique creatures we have today ; the Kangaroo, the Wombat and the Bogan.

1907 Good old Fred Peters established, in Sin City (Sydney) the Peters' American Delicacy Co. Ltd to explode taste-buds with his ice cream.

Place Name Origin -
Ardlethan in NSW actually means "high" or "hilly" in the tongue-twisting Gaelic language and, strangely enough, it was named after a high and hilly place in Scotland.

1908 The Wizard of The Willow, Sir Don Bradman, was pupped in Cootamundra, NSW.

Huru ( a warrior) and Tuki (a priest) were two Maoris kidnapped in 1793 and taken to Norfolk Island to teach the convicts how to dress flax into rope. Sadly, that was women's work and the Maoris didn't have a clue, but Lieut. Phillip Gidley King liked the cut of their jib and soon returned them back to their home.

1911 Joseph Pawelka, after many previous prison breaks, made his last on this day from Terrace Gaol in NZ and was never recaptured or seen again with family lore stating he sailed to Canada.


  1. "The foundation stone for Victoria University of Wellington was laid today."

    Following a very loud and very procrastinated squwark.

  2. so what is an occy strap? As for Vic Uni I learnt something new today, I live in Wellington you see.

  3. Doves, possums and feral beasts. You've got an amazing menagerie of madness.

  4. What out! That damn dove will create another mafia group and you'll have competing factions in no time! ;) lol

  5. You heard it, too, Brian ?

    An occy strap is an octopus strap/bungee cord, Janine. Piccy HERE

    Yeah, they know where the mad house is by reputation, Anja lol.

    So long as the doves don't go nocturnal, we're safe, Bettina ;)

  6. Hi! If they keep on doing it, I found a great receipe for "Southern Fried Dove" that might come in handy.

    Take Care,

  7. Am loving the aussie slang for the day. You learn something new every day.

  8. Hmmm might take you up on that, Peter lol ;)

    Thanks Tiff :)

  9. what does "One particular dove has got more front than Myers" mean? got more front? like, bold? or larger maybe?

    i came nose to nose once with a raccoon in my shed. I have NEVER screamed so loud. almost killed myself scrambling backwards falling over stuff to get away. JUST like in the movies.

  10. Goldie, the saying "more front than Myers" is referring to something/someone being very bold.
    Comes from the department store Myers which is really large - and has a wide frontage ;)
    The raccoon would have just screamed at me lol ;)