Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trivial History August 28

Not a lot happened on this date.
Well, a lot happened but much of it was as boring as batshit.
Having bamboo shoved under our fingernails and watching paint dry would have been preferred.
So I avoided the whole painful lot.

Popped up to Pakenham with Feral Beast yesterday, had a grand 45 minute ride on the train with not a worry about petrol or traffic or parking the broomstick.
Just on the other side of Hallam station is some decent graffiti - the Ettamogah Pub and the cast of the usual suspects adorn the back of a factory. Much nicer than *yawn* boring tags and childish scribble.
For those struggling to find a train car park Officer has a gazillion going begging during the day.
Can't go past the Great Australian Bakehouse in the main drag of Pakenham for some yummy pies, baked goods (of all descriptions and calories) and good, old fashioned ice cream milk shakes.
Pakenham station was the scene of a mass orgy on Tuesday night - the whole station was littered with the umpteen dead bodies of those small black beetles. Nice to know they went out with a bang.

1860 Victorian Parliament House was stoned and attacked by crowds of rather irate citizens during a debate on a controversial land bill.
Sing along...History never repeats Brumby says before he goes to sleep....(apologies to Tim and Neil Finn).

Oz Slanguage-
Bent as a scrub tick = describing someone who is mightly annoyed to the extreme.

1954 Not so "Heavenly Creatures" aka teenagers Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme were found guilty of murdering Pauline's mother in NZ.

Place Name Origin -
Ardrossan in South Oz was given it's name by Gov Fergusson who just couldn't let go of the past. He was mightily smitten with Ardrossan in Scotland which he'd represented in Parliament in the UK.
Always looking backwards to past glories these men...

1992 Canterbury, NZ, had a Big Snow, the worst in 30 years. Kids were as happy as pig's in the proverbial as they were let off school but farmers were not - the devasted lambing season cost them (in today's money) NZ$57 million.

In the 1940's farmer's in Qld were showered with much needed rain 3 years on the trot everytime the meteorologist took his annual leave and was replaced by the deputy - Mr Bath.


  1. real old fashioned milks shakes yummmmy! I find being on the trains relaxing, mind you how trains are not as busy or as service as many areas as they do over in OZ. I remember the first time I went to Sydney and saw a double decker train...(ths was many many years ago), but we dont have any like that in NZ or the population lol.

  2. lol - I love that the Qld farmers took a bath every time they got Bathed!!

  3. I looked for something exciting that happened here on the 28th of August and with my wonderful research skills ( choke choke ) I came up with:

    Shania Twain has a birthday today.. year of birth more trouble than it was worth to find.

  4. I loved the Peter Jackson film Heavenly Creatures.

    (hmmm lets hope blogger lets me post the comment this time.)

  5. We nearly got the double decker trains in Melbourne, Janine, but they scrapped the idea along with the train they trialled last year.

    LOL Jeanie, yep.

    I think she was beamed down from an alien ship Elizabeth lol ;)

    I've always wanted to see it Marita but for one reason or another I never have.

  6. Oooo Heavenly Creatures is a ripper. Another one that is a must see, albeit hard to find, is "The Boys" loosely based on the Anita Cobby case.

    David Wenham plays a murderous bastard so well.

  7. " boring as batshit."

    As a fully paid up member of the Pipastrel Dung Fanciers Society I take offence at that.

  8. I did see bits of The Boys years ago Anja, but was pregnant and fell asleep in the middle of it lol.

    I'll forward the batshit to you immediately, Brian :P

  9. I remember that 92 snow: I got the day off work at the supermarket (part time job that paid for my rent, beer and petrol while I was at uni) and mum and dad still had hot showers and cups of tea thanks to a wet-back log burner.