Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trivial History August 3

Another night with the possums rampaging through the tree tops and sharin' their lurve with the neighbourhood.
And the odd fruit bat swooping over, to get some nature pics for their album no doubt.

Off to bully some order into the garden while wielding some nasty sharp stabby and slashy tools in the general direction of the uncontrolled plants.

1846 The oldest boy's school, still in existence, in Oz, Hutchins, opened it's doors for the business of learning in a small cottage in Macquarie St, Hobart.
Bet their Old Boys are  r e a l l y old.

1860 The Second Maori War began, with 2,500 Aussies joining the fighting in and around Waikato, as the Colony of Victoria sent it's ship "Victoria".

1891 Proving that we never learn from our past mistakes.... The 2nd oldest bank in the whole of Oz, The Bank of Van Diemen's Land, went belly up followed shortly afterwards by 3 banks in Melbourne and 1 in Sydney.

 1900 The Sisterhood were out in force when they demonstrated and petitioned the MP's at Temperance Hall in Melbourne for their right to vote in Victorian elections.
Coz the blokes hadn't been doing too good a job of it up till then.

1910 The very first croquet club in NZ, the Canterbury Croquet Association, was banded together for a delightful game.

1932 The Bourke Street shoppers, in Melbourne, had been entertained by an Aboriginal man busking by playing gum leaves but instead of enjoying the music he was arrested and charged for begging.
And today you can barely move in Bourke St for the "professional" beggars cluttering up the joint...

1941 The only enemy vessel to be seized by the NZ Govt, the Finnish barque Pamir, was taken as a prize due to Finland being occupied by the enemy. It was handed back to the owners in Finland after the war.

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