Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trivial History August 30

Spare a thought for poor old St Fiaker on his Feast Day today...especially if you're suffering from VD, piles, florists, taxi drivers and those infernal devils; tile makers.
Coz he's the man to call on.
And he's also the patron saint of gardeners..

With all the clattering coming from the shed last night we're pretty certain the ringtail possum has taken up residence in there.
That or a very loud and clumsy grasshopper.

1890 The Australian and NZ Great Maritime Strike began ; it got real ugly, real fast with armed troops in all the ports around Oz being told to aim directly at strikers and machine guns being placed behind Parliament House in Melbourne. 

Feral Queen was doing the dying swan on the couch some years ago with Glandular Fever when her dreadfully unfeeling mother walked past and told her to sit up or "I'll slap you with a piece of wet s'ghetti".
Feral Queen laughed so much she nearly choked and had to sit up.

1903 Joseph Warbrick - he who captained the famous NZ Natives rugby touring team - was working as a guide with tourist parties when he and 3 tourists were killed in an explosion of the Waimangu geyser.

Blogging about The Spouse's snoring has got me into hot water before today.
Oh well, might as well be hung for a sheep as well as a lamb!

1912 The NZ-born Aussie White Mouse aka Nancy Wake was the mouse who roared into life today; she was the most wanted woman by the Nazis for her successful work with the French Resistance.
The most decorated servicewoman of WW2 and yet she has never been given any Aussie military medal as "she wasn't on Australian service".

Feral Queen will probably shoot me when/if she ever finds out I've blogged about her.
Geeze I'm lining up the suspects for my death quite well!

1925 Finding a glaring loophole in that NSW coppers couldn't serve Commonwealth summonses on union leaders, the Peace Officers Bill was frog-marched through Federal Parliament to establish a Federal Police Force.

One of our cats waits till my black, unsweetened tea becomes tepid then drinks it from my cup.
Bizarre feline then curls up to sleep a deep, deep sleep.
Meanwhile I'm scrubbing the cup with lysol.

1955 A pilotless plane took to the skies from Bankstown airport and winged it's way above Sydney for 3 hours before being blasted out of the blue by naval aircraft.

Another cat, known by various names but mainly Fluffbum, is so large from lovin' his foodbowl that when he lies on the Foxtel set-top box he blocks all the ventilation holes and over-heats it.
Not a popular thing to do in the middle of a Doctor Who episode.

1968 Charles Bean, who was the official war correspondant at the front during WW1 and the main driving force behind the establishment of the Australian War Memorial, passed away.

Tiger, another of our felines, has such mood swings when parked on top of the fridge we actually apologise to her when opening the fridge door and disturbing her.
I suspect the training of the humans is now fully complete....


  1. "Spare a thought for poor old St Fiaker..."

    Not least because of the easy mispronunciation of his name.

  2. We have fat cats too.

    Actually, two of them.

  3. Parents can be so cruel, Brian LOL.

    It's in the feline rules that they must eat till they're well-padded, Dina ;)

  4. My cat knows that she is not allowed to sit on the electricals or else I will cut her massive cat rations by at least one bag of whiskettes a day.

    Hey, do you have a good recipe for healthy, yummy homemade cat food or are you laying out a second mortgage on that cat ambrosia, the miniscule tins of Fancy Feasties like me?

  5. I've got a recipe for home made dried cat food LiD, I'll post it up tomorrow.
    For fresh meat we get the pet mince from a wholesale butcher in Chester St Oakleigh - our dogs and cats love it.

    Thanks kiddo :)

  6. I was totally gunna say what Brian said. St Fiaker is gunna be my favourite saint.