Monday, August 4, 2008

Trivial History August 4

Yes, yes, I know yesterday's entry was on the piddly side but there were markets to prowl, bargains to be unearthed and the discovered $20 ox harness to be considered for the lounge room wall....

Nursing Story # yep, that'll do-
Many eons ago, when I was hitched to the first Mr Jayne, he had a best mate to whom he was almost joined at the hip, but unfortunately the best mate's missus was another kettle of fish entirely.
Always more than just a little odd and very verbally aggressive, she'd always whine people didn't show her any respect. I nicknamed her The Stupid Bitch but only in our hearing.

She rang and asked the first Mr Jayne to organise a surprise 30th birthday party, in 3 months time, for her hubby. The only cast-iron rule was that it had to be on the Friday night.
The ex jumped into ringing all their old mates around the state and some interstate, getting everyone teed up for the party and organising hotel bookings for all who were coming. We both arranged to have the whole of the Friday off work as we would need to drive from Mildura down to Gippsland and we kept reporting back to the mate's missus on the rate of progress.
She firmly asked that we call her when we got to Melb so as to pick up supplies and check the list and that we got to Melb no later than 12.30pm. By this time the ex and I were getting more than a little peeved with this mini-dictator's attitude but we bit our lips as the mate wasn't a bad bloke.
Got to my parent's house just after midday and we rang at 12.10pm.
The ex held the phone away from his ear as we could all hear the screeching fish-wife carrying on hammer and tongs. I was handed the phone and got an earful as well, about how the surprise party wouldn't work for a Friday night, how we had no respect for her, that she didn't want to see any of us before Saturday arvo and that she'd never trust either of us again.
Stunned we were left to ring more than 20 people and re-schedule the party, even though 2 were flying in from interstate and others had arranged to leave work early to drive down.
The following day we arrived to find her all sunshine and smiles as if nothing had happened. The mate, who'd been told all about the intended surprise, wasn't surprised and was tending the BBQ. He joked to the ex about how "the wife warned me you lot had tried to pull a swifty on her with this party. Pity she wasn't free last night, she had a lingerie party on at her sister's house and I was stuck babysitting on my own".
The ex was furious but it got worse. The walkway to their back door had a bamboo screen near it and we were behind it when we both over-heard her in the house remarking to her sister, 
"God I hate those 2 f**king smart arse pricks. I wish they'd stayed in their bloody bush pig paradise and hadn't pushed this f**king party on us at all."
We turned around and never went back.
About a decade later I did an agency shift in a public psych facility and there she was, in all her lying, foul-mouthed glory, abusing another nurse about 'the lack of respect I've been shown'.
I notified the NUM and offered to change wards....and I also told her about the old nickname.
Seems she was a return customer to their ward and the nickname was already on a lot of staff's lips for some reason....LOL.

On this date in 1577, 1578, 1621, 1642 and 1693 there was some seriously weird cow dung being flung about in England, Scotland and Portugal, with kings disappearing in battle, ghostly battles in the sky, stray dogs ripping up the local church, violent storms...oh, and the last date was champagne being invented by a monk called Dom Perignon...which wasn't weird but should be seen (and taken) as a daily blessing!

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Mr Bean.
Colin Martin appeared in The Adventures of Skippy then was interviewed for the fantastic bio-pic Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst.
Sally Fitzpatrick was also interviewed for Unfolding Florence and worked in the sound dept on the movie The Siege of Firebase Gloria, which starred Wings Hauser.
Wings Hauser also appeared in an episode of House M.D, which stars Hugh Laurie.
Hugh Laurie appeared in many episodes of the various Blackadder series with the star of the show, Rowan Atkinson.
Who has starred as the character Mr Bean.

1840 After getting back to nature by living with Aborigines for 14 yrs, runaway convict John Storry Baker handed himself in at Moreton Bay.

Oz Slanguage-
Shouse = shit house, describing something as really bad.
Grouse = describing something that's pretty good.
Grouse or shouse? = asking if something/ someone is good or bad.

1851 It was announced that Clunes was hosting a hide and seek game, which many an enthusiastic entrant joined in; they had to find the gold that had been spied popping out of it's burrow.

Aussie Love of Pubs -
Globe Alley in Melbourne was, yes you guessed it correctly if you've noticed a pattern here, named after a pub; namely the Globe Hotel that called the corner of Little Bourke and Swanston Sts home.

1878 There was a nasty, stay-indoors-and huddle-around-the-fire snow storm on the South Island of NZ.
And a hot water bottle wouldn't have gone astray, either.

7 Burmese female elephants enjoying a sailing voyage to Sydney in the late 1890's became a tad agitated when the ship ran into storm. To calm them the ships' crew poured a bottle of rum into each elephant's water bucket and the remainder of the voyage was very quiet and peaceful.

1911 Launceston was blessed with the sound of running...tram wheels, when the frightfully fun electric trams took to the streets.

The very first hockey game in Oz was played in 1904 in South Australia.
Now you can sleep better at night knowing that!

1914 Some disagreements that became heated arguments, some mud-slinging that became rock throwing, some shouts that became a single shot that started the whole bloody mess; Great Britain declared war on Germany with 20,000 Aussies pledged to help. By 1918 more than 400,000 Aussie boys had been used to stop bullets and bombs.

Place Name Origin -
American River in South Oz is on Kangaroo Island and got it's name from the first settlers who decided to pitch their tents there permanently. The reason they named it thus was that an American whaling ship was wrecked in circa 1816 and they used the river to launch a ship that was cobbled together from trees.

1923 James Cavil threw open the doors of his little-known pub at Elston on the Qld coast but today everyone knows the name quite well; the Surfer's Paradise Hotel that lent it's title to the whole area.

 Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Start fertilising the vegie patch, weed it and start planning what and where you're going to sow; we're in for an early Spring. Stock up on mulch, too.

1965 The Cook Islands gained self-government but retained their NZ citizenship and celebrate today as Constitution Day, a public holiday.


  1. Kind of weird about all the strange things that happened today.

    What's that all about????

  2. Well.... not today.

    But on this date.

    You know what I mean, right?

  3. Yep, I know what you mean Dina ;)
    The planets must be in alignment or something on this date lol.

  4. It's a sure sign of 'end times'

    I need vodka, and yes, that was random.

  5. OMG @ your nutter friend.

    How outrageous.

  6. Not random, as vodka cures all ills, Anja ;)

    They really broke the mould after she was hatched, WS.
    At least...I hope they did! lol

  7. LOL! I'm v pleased to see some of the kiwi bit and bobs featuring on here... what a gal you are :)

  8. In Texas, to grouse is the same as to gripe. Strange how that slangage has different meanings.

  9. Thanks Kelly, hunting them down is an adventure in itself lol.

    LOL Evyl, it's strange how language and slang evolves in different ways lol. I promise not to call you shouse OR to grouse at you :P

  10. There could be something wrong with me but I found yesterday's market wanderings enormously interesting.

  11. "...kings disappearing in battle, ghostly battles in the sky, stray dogs ripping up the local church, violent storms..."

    Another average day in downtown Fleetwood then.

  12. ah, but I love BlackAdder!!

    And Hugh...........

    And your nursing stories!!

  13. I thought that was you following me, Robert! :P

    Is that before or after they call time at the local, Brian ?:P

    Thanks Bettina.
    I find Hugh rather scrummy and Blackadder a damn good excuse to sit on my backside to watch ;)

  14. I'm the out-of-print book you purchased.