Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trivial History August 5

Absolutely bugger-all happened in Oz or NZ on this date.
Yesterday it was feast, today it is famine.
All the movers and shakers probably had empty dance cards on this date throughout history...the lazy buggers.

Nursing Story # more tea?
I often make flippant jokes about bathing in kero for nasty crawly rashes, even though the was a case several years ago about nursing home residents being bathed in it to treat scabies.
Noice, I am.
Well, kero was an old-fashioned treatment that worked with a bang as we discovered for ourselves when out on District Nursing calls.
A 60-something grandmother, living out of town a little bit, was helping her (single) daughter raise 3 kids and had been told by the school nurse that all 3 had scabies. Grandma did what she, and her mother before her, had always done -dragged out the old tin bath and sat each kid in it, and treated the out-break with kero.

We'd just popped out to check on her diabetic diet and blood sugar levels when we found this.
Had a chat, gave her the name of the then-preferred treatment; she apologised for having used the kero and faithfully promised to dispose of it immediately.
A few days later a gentleman was admitted to the hospital with some minor burns to his bottom and nether regions.
He was the son of the grandmother and had returned home, from doing his truckie run across the Nullarbor, in the wee hours of the morning. Nature called and, wanting to have a last cigarette before climbing into bed, he made the common mistake we often saw and combined the two.
Not realising the dunny had just had a healthy dose of kero poured down it.

Motorcycle speedway racing originated in Oz, in 1925 at Maitland, NSW.

1879 Bust out your thermos and long johns Aunty Mavis, the first Aussie Rules footy match was played at night , by gas lights, at the MCG. Sammy (Newman) By Gaslight just doesn't have the dramatic appeal, somehow, as the original movie does.

Arrested by police for making love on the beach, the young Auckland couple fronted court and were found not guilty when the court accepted their story that they had been wrestling.

1914 News reached Oz that war had been declared...proving the old maxim that no one man is an island.
The first Allied shot in the war was fired at 12 noon from Fort Nepean when a German ship in Port Phillip Bay tried to (understandably) do a runner. No man nor ship was injured in the firing of said gun.

Oz Slanguage-
Spittin' chips! = a short, sharp exclamation someone makes to express how really, really, really pissed off they happen to be.

1986 Sydney had it's wettest 24 hour period on record (to that date) when the wet stuff tumbled from the heavens with the total of 327 mm.

Six Degrees of Separation of Skippy.
Skippy - Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Chris Betts appeared in The Adventures of Skippy and in the TV series Medivac.
Danielle Carter starred in Medivac and later briefly appeared in the Aussie-filmed re-make of Salem's Lot which starred Donald Sutherland.
Donald has appeared in a yet-to-be-released movie called This Side of The Looking Glass with co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Who starred in Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer Tv series.


  1. Bahahahaha.

    These stories crack me up no end. You should write a book about them.

  2. Thanks WS.
    I must admit I have to go back through my old agency receipt books and other papers to jog my memory most days lol.

  3. Ouch in so many different ways!!

    Re the NZ couple - certainly better off than the English pair I read about in a middle eastern country caught in a clinch - apparently it could be 25 years before they get out, and they had only met 4 hours before!!!

  4. Love those nursing stories :-)

    'Skippy the Vampire Slayer' - has potential as its own movie, don't you think?

  5. oh know at thaty Kero story, I can't help it but it made me laugh. As for that NZ couple what an interesting defence lol, nutters. I wonder what thier wrestling names were lol.

  6. If I get caught in the open it is good to know that the nude wrestling defense is a viable option.

  7. Oh, that poor man! He must have got the shock of his life.


  8. Lol, how to give up smoking the explosive way. Youch!

    And this was common?!

  9. Geeze, that's harsh Jeanie :(

    LMAO Namoi, love the images and possibilities!

    Maybe Grunt and Groan, Angel Gurl ? lol

    Make sure to have a jelly-filled pool handy, too, Evyl :P

    He certainly did, Kate lol.

    Not uncommon, LiD, coz lots of people still tipped metho, 2 stroke, vegie oil, kero, turps, etc down the outside loos to keep the mozzies down.